Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Hello! It's been a year and a half since I last blog! My gosh, it was mandatory thing to blog back then I was in high school and poof, it's gone.

I was going through my blog posts and I realise that I had a lot of drafts, posts that I wanted to posted but didn't in the end like few of my holiday trips but totally forgot about it as I was waiting for the photos from my friends/siblings to which in the end I didn't post it :(

So, I've decided that I would want to blog any interesting events or any highlight moments that happens in 2016, so that I have something to look back by the end of 2016. I hope I have the motivation to keep going! *prays*

Anyway, it's 2016! Time seems to be flying faster and faster every year/day but I ain't complaining! I actually do enjoy new years and I'm always excited for it! Back then in high school, I always dread it so much as it means that school is reopening in a few days time and I really hated school. I mean , it was fun, definitely. Less stress, less worries and academically, it was much easier compared to university but the "protocols" which the school had and what not just make me feel so glad that I'm out of that place.

Classes starts next week, currently in my year 2 of my course and I'm looking forward to it very much! I have a week left to be a couch potato, definitely gonna miss this so much! (all the assignment stress free, test free, ahhhhhhh......)

Oh well, life. (still loving' it though)