Saturday, December 7, 2013

It feels like home again...

I started University about 3 months ago and it started off rough, very rough. I was having a tough time finding my place and basically disliked everything about university. So then I decided to tell myself, "You know what? I'm not going to make friends, I'm gonna be a lone ranger through this whole course". At first, I really thought I would be going through my whole university life a loner, "the weird lonely girl" in class, but then, my classmates are so warm, so loud and I just couldn't help myself from laughing and joining them in their conversation.

Now let me tell you why I wanted to be a loner. It's because most of my classmates speaks Mandarin and my Mandarin is really bad, no it's horrible, to be exact. Yeah, I know it's such a stupid excuse. I really did feel so uncomfortable with that language. However, over the past few months, they really surprised me. I really expected them to avoid me because of my bad fluency in my Mandarin that it takes much more effort to communicate with me. But nope, none of that happen! In fact, the total opposite happened! It feels like "home" again, a mini "home". The last time I felt like this was probably in high school, the "home" feeling. I really don't know how to describe this feeling, it's just so......pure and so..... nice! They're just so loving, caring and funny! Now I don't find myself dreading to classes anymore(Ok, maybe for morning classes :/)

We don't really take much pictures, well not yet at least. But I did manage to take a few shots lately. I'll post up more when I get pictures with the rest of people who makes me feel warm and happy! 

These two girls are the cutest and funniest girls everrrr!!
Just trying to be goofy, hehe. & There's always one person who loves to ruin a nice picture! *coughs* Thanks Jared -.-

All pictures credit to Chun Yeen! Thanks man! :) 

Just live life, and let the thinking flow naturally to your head :)