Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Goodbye, 90210. You will be missed!

Previously on 90210......

It was a very emotional season finale episode, an episode where friendships are so important in our lives and they play a huge role in nurturing one's life. The finale episode was nice, everyone had their happy ending(almost all) 

After 5 amazing years of dramas, friendships & hardships they've been through, all of them have grown so close to each other and they are practically like a family. 90210 has taught me a lot about friendship, how important is it to maintain your friendships. I'm definitely going to miss this show so much, I don't know why... but I feel so attached to this show, I really wished CW didn't cancelled this show. I didn't feel like this when Gossip Girl came to an end and I am a big fan of Gossip Girl as well. Haha, oh well.

Anyway, I wanna say thank you to CW & all the cast in 90210 for putting up a great 5 seasons for us to enjoy and for showing us how friendship is so important in our lives. Till the next time, Goodbye!

Thanks for the 5 incredible seasons, you guys will be missed