Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lee Chong Wei: Silver to the World, Gold in the eyes of Malaysia

A moment of silence. A stoned moment. Unbelievable. No way, it couldn't be! This is not happening, its just too close. None of us could believe it, we just sat there on our couch, staring at the TV as we see Lin Dan running around the stadium in joy for his victory. We all could not believe it, I was hoping that it was just a bad dream or it was just my bad imagination. Yes, the moment when our very own Datuk Lee Chong Wei kneel down on the Wembley stadium for his loss to China's SuperDan, Lin Dan at London Olympics 2012.

I remember 4 years back(Beijing Olympics 2008), during the finals for the Gold Medal match between Lin Dan & Lee Chong Wei, my family & I was in Kelantan on a family trip. Therefore, we went to a shop which were showing the match for our dinner. When we found one, we started ordering our food & told the owner "Bang, kami akan duduk sini lama, jadi tak payah bawa makanan tu cepat-cepat okay?" (Sir, we'll be sitting here for a while, so you don't have to bring the food out that quick) We said that because we thought it was gonna be a nail biting match but unfortunately, before our food came, the match was over. Lin Dan was just really good on that night, nobody, not even Chong Wei nor I expected him to be that quick & fast. It was an awful loss for Chong Wei but it was definitely a victorious win for Lin Dan.

I remember how moody my family was after the match, I indeed was very sad but I never actually gave up on him back then, never did because I know he'll definitely do better next time. I remember being really proud for him for the silver but that wasn't the case when I went back to school or tuition. Each time I said "LCW got silver weyhh, quite good dy la" & everyone(Most,not all) would just say "eh leh, he sucks to the max okay! Did you see his match? 21-8! So embarrassing! " 

Even this year, everyone has doubts, especially with his shoulder & ankle injury, it put me in doubts too on whether can he bring Lin Dan down. In fact, most of us were all afraid that can he even get through the finals because has Chen Long in his Semi Finals match. But of course, Chong Wei relieved us when he manage to win him over in just two sets 21-13,21-14. After the match, all Malaysians were all proud & happy because Chong Wei played extremely well in his Semi Finals which made all Malaysians to have a slight hope for the Gold Medal. For the first time, my mum said "This time, I think it would be a 50-50 match in the finals" , its very rare to hear my mum say such thing about Chong Wei because usually she's all like "Cannot lah Chong Wei, Lin Dan will just sweep him away from the court"

& of course, on 5th August 2012, it was indeed a 50-50 match. In the rubber set, when the score reached 19-19, & that very moment, it was just purely based on luck & may the best man wins. I was hoping for a dius but sigh, unfortunately Lin Dan has done it again. I gotta admit, Lin Dan is definitely the best badminton player in the world, in terms of skills.

Lee Chong Wei is definitely a great player too, a very skillful one too. He is an almost 90% unbeatable player in the badminton world except only Lin Dan can. But having Lin Dan & Lee Chong Wei made badminton a whole lot interesting, just imagine if Lin Dan & Lee Chong Wei was born in different generations, wouldn't badminton be whole lot boring? If there's only Lin Dan & no Chong Wei, we would all know Lin Dan would win all tournaments, don't bother even watching the match. Same goes to Chong Wei if there's no Lin Dan.
After 5th August 2012, Lee Chong Wei has prove me something, that is, as long as you put your greatest effort in it, you'll never be called a loser. I've hear this before but never actually took it seriously because in my mind, when you lose, it usually means you didn't put enough effort, didn't try hard enough etc. But now, its all different, Lee Chong Wei didn't get Gold but he did put his endless effort into the match & today, nobody calls him loser, in fact, nobody DARES to call him loser.

Here's a video from DMingThing, I absolutely love this video, especially the last sentence he said "He won an accessory, you've won a people" Now, that's beautiful & so true. 

Yes, you are our Gold.You've done us proud.You have the whole Malaysia's back, you fall, we'll carry you back up. All the best.

Now here's another video, Lee Chong Wei's interview done by Astro AEC after London 2012. It definitely made me laugh so much when the interviewer questions his love life. Haha.