Friday, July 13, 2012


Hello all! Its been a while since I blogged! More than half a year! I know I've said that I wanted to resume blogging after SPM, but oh well, procrastination got the better of me :/

So I was just looking at back at my posts on my "to-do-list" after SPM , I'm proud to say I've achieved 70% of it! Heehee, at least I did what I planned.

2012 has been a really awesome year, I feel like a much grown up girl this year, maybe because high school is already over. Starting of this year, I got a job at ING Insurance as an Admin, I gotta say I was very lucky to actually work there as I really did screw my interview badly( I always screw my interviews), but I guess with God's help, I got it & thankfully, it wasn't a very stressful job. I did learn a lot though, especially on businesses part. & definitely I learned a lot more social skills here. 3 months there flew really quick, I met really great friends & blessed to have to work with them :)

When March came, results were out, the very obvious thing each teen like me would do is to go to a college & yes, I did! I'm currently doing A levels at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur(MCKL). Well honestly speaking, when the first time I stepped foot in MCKL(which was in 2010), I told myself this, "I'm NEVER EVER going to study in MCKL, NEVER!" Why? Because the compound of the school, its small. Its not as big as compared to other colleges in KL. & so, I thought I won't be studying here at all, & of course, I thought wrong. My first day in MCKL was pretty good, after orientation & making new friends, I was actually very grateful that I came to MCKL to further my studies, it wasn't a mistake anymore. Although its small & it doesn't really have the "campus" feeling but the people there are just so humble & full of energy all the time! & that's what I love most, enthusiasm! So far, I've been enjoying my classes & the activities they have & I'm looking forward for more in the future! :)

A levels is just so tough :S Now I really know what is means when my seniors says "A levels is such a b*tch!" , Oh I totally get it now. The reason why I'm doing A levels is because I'm planning to pursue law for my degree, & for that to happen, I NEED to take A levels. So yeah, life.

 My colleagues from ING Insurance! Everyone in this picture are all really professional & great in doing their job. :)
 & Here's my MCKL friends! All are awesome, humble & full of energy all the time! Xx

Anyway, that's all for now! I have a class at 8am tomorrow & I should really head off to bed right now! So Good Night! :)

Jo-Ann :)