Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Over

On the 30 November, 3.30pm

"Masa sudah tamat, calon sila check nomber IC & angka giliran telah ditulis. Pengawas Peperiksaan akan mengutip kertas jawapan sekarang"

You could hear the laughter, the excitement & joy in each and every student in the hall. Yes, SPM is over! Finally, all the hard work for the past few months are all applied in my exams. Now, its definitely the time to enjoy before results are out.

First thing I did after SPM was head to KLCC to get a midnight show for Breaking Dawn Part 1. I was very surprised by the movie because it was really good! The previous 3 movies was such a bore, it instantly gives me the boost to sleep but Breaking Dawn was surprisingly good & I'm very impressed. To those who have not read the book or not a big twilight fan(like me), you would definitely enjoy Breaking Dawn Part 1,its SLIGHTLY more interesting than the previous 3 movies. I enjoyed it & it was definitely a great way to start my freedom life(for only 3 & half months)
There's so many things I wanna do, firstly first, I want to get a job. Since there's nothing to do & I don't wanna start college so early, might as well earn some money right? I need money for PROM! Prom is coming up and I'm so excited! Its going to be a Gala night I'm sure!

Anyways, that's all for now. Gonna watch Glee now :)