Saturday, November 26, 2011

SPM's ending soon! 30th November! :)

So just another...........5 more days! Just left 2 more subjects! Chemistry & Biology! So grateful for the 4 days break!

& I've decided that I'm gonna resume blogging after SPM :D

So here's my list to-do-things after SPM :

1) Watch Breaking Dawn!
2) Clear my room
3) Go on a 3 week diet plan before Prom
4) Prom shopping!
5) 50 sit ups daily
6) Penang with friends!
7) Finish up my Vlogs
8) Genting with friends!
9) Catch up with all my TV series, 90210,Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth & New girl! Oh oh, Junior masterchef Season 1 !
10) Start baking and learn to be more creative on the decorating part
11) Movie Marathon with friends :)
12) Get a job

These are only things that are in my mind so far....
Ok anyways, Gotta hit the books now! :)

"it'll be all over soon! :D"