Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Ms Tan! Oh wait, it should be Mrs Yap, right? hehe

Happy Birthday Ms Tan! *I'm wondering, how old are you right now? hmmmm....hehe*

You're now a year older, oh look at how times flies! so fast! its almost 3 years we've known each other & also its been almost 3 years you're my BM teacher. So so fast! it felt like I just met you 6 months ago. Lol.

Ms Tan, you're an awesome lady & you should acknowledge that. You're so carefree & very happy-go-lucky lady. No doubts, at times, you can be a drama queen, BUT that what makes you awesome. You're an all rounder, you play hard & work hard. You're definitely one of my role model.

Sigh, 4 more months till the current Form 5s & I leave the center. We'll cherish the memories we have & we'll make every moment count from now!

Last but not least, I would like to say THANK YOU Ms Tan! You have no idea how awesome you are! Awesome enough to brush my BM up from C to A !

Once again, Happy Birthday Ms Tan! Have a blast! Love you! & All the best in life!