Saturday, January 29, 2011

The festive season

Pink Pink Pink >>>>> awee, my favourite colour!

Apparently, Pink is the colour for this year's Chinese New year. Why? cause its the year of rabbit! Rabbits are so cute! I love their teeth! aweeeee :)

I have two ulcers under my tongue now. ouch ouch ouch. I really hope it'll be gone when I'm back in my kampung

So anyways, I'm so packed this CNY which is kinda a good thing. I'll be going to Malacca and Batu Pahat! Woo hoo! Malacca! I'm so looking forward for it! :)

Form 2 :)

Got extra class for add maths tomorrow at Universiti Malaya from 2pm-6pm. Oh gawd.

Signing off,

Friday, January 28, 2011

The people who spice up my life :)

This post is specially for all my best buddies out there. You might not understand what I'm typing down there cause well, my writing sucks. But I just wanna let you guys know, I love you & I'm really grateful to have you all in my life. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me :)

My partner in crime! That's why I love you. HEE
haha, we do almost everything together. EVERYTHING! like everything! I'm so grateful to have you YVONNE LOW! So many adventurous stuff, Thank you for accompanying me!
ohmygod, the things we did together was just unbelievable. We did so many things together including stupid stuffs like stealing the Oxford Dictionary & English workbooks from school. Haha, wth were we thinking????!?!?! I love you so much yvonne low. Muah muah.

ROXANNE CHONG! Omg, look at this pic above, we were back in form 1. OMG, DAMN CUTE! hahahha. Roxanne Chong, my 'mother' in my life! you never fail to cheer me up when I'm down, you always have an optimistic mind towards other people. One awesome thing is that you never lose faith in me which I'm always very touched. You believe in me & always support me when I'm doing anything. I thank you sooo much for that. I love you :)

SABRINA CHUA! Oh my lucky charm! Haha, whenever I think about how I met Wong Mew Choo, I ALWAYS think about you. You're such an awesome friend, you'll always never let your friends being left out & would actually sacrifice your time for other people. You're always a listener, you're a very caring friend & yes, having you in my life, I'm so lucky. Really. (Wong Mew Choo)

CHENG SIM! Oh, the girl who is always full with enthusiastic! I remember you kept me entertain in DIC when everyone was playing poker. Awe, you're so nice! Friendly & straight forward person (Y)

TIFFANY NG! OMG I MISS YOU SO MUCH LARH! Do you remember when was this picture taken? it was last year during my IU in St Johns! OMG, I miss you like crazy! we definitely need to hang out soon! I miss you soo much. I miss listening to all the gossips about everything. I thank you for being such a nice, awesome, a secret keeper friend. I think I told loads of my secrets to you and you kept it so well. You're so trustable. I love you and I miss you!

From left, Iqin, Tiff, Aurelia and me

OMG SO CUTE! when we were form 1. OMG

& this was when we were form 2! :)

FORM 3 LIFE- the best year in ARGS

I LOVE the Muzium Negara pictures! Its so nice! Omg! I miss us so much! Oh, guys, remember the 'US' gang when we were form 2? Hahhahah. damn funny la. Omg I miss 'US'!

I enjoyed it so much. Through this IU, I manage to bond quality time with my friends. It is definitely awesome memories we had at Linda Jasmine's.

My Two Crazy Best Buds

Karmun & Sonia.

We are dreamers.

Karmun & Sonia. You two are awesome. I'm truly surprise that we are actually friends. really. I don't even know why how come you guys chose to be friends with me.I mean, usually current students dislikes the new students but you two just really surprise me a lot, so as the 5N. I thank you two for being with me all the time. You guys were there in my entire form 4 life(& still counting) when I'm up and down. You guys cheer me up when I'm down & you guys smile for me when I'm happy & you guys entertain me when I'm bored. I'm just so grateful to have two awesome close buddies especially in this new environment(which is not anymore :D hee) I love love love love you guys so much! Muah! Muah! Muah!



2011! Omg, can't believe its here.
Form 5.

I still remember on New Year's eve, I was so scared. So scared for new years, for the first time. I wanted to cry when I heard the countdown from 10 seconds. it was freaky.....

So far 2011 is one dramatic year. So much drama already...

Interact Club. My 'beloved' class teacher aka my BM teacher.

Though there's loads of dramas, I still love going to school. Simply because of my awesome classmates, 5N, you're awesome though I really dislike studying periods but this is life, you've got to sacrifice some things to get what you want.

I have Karmun & Sonia, my two best buds in my class. They're so awesome. They're so interesting. haha, I can never get bored. Something will definitely comes up, its either will be Stories about anything or gossip or TEASING! hahahha I LOVE TEASING them. Hehe, its fun seeing them getting annoyed. hahha (Y)

From left : Me, Karmun & Sonia

I'm lovin' Form 5 life. SO FAR. hehe

Enjoying her last year of High School,