Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hello !

Have you guys missed me ? No ? nevermind.

it's been SUCH a long time since I blogged & MANY thing has changed since I last blogged.

My first week of school was at ARGS and then my second week , poof ! in CBN.

I love CBN. CBN rocks ! There's 3 things I really LOVE about my school , ONE is...

CHEER !! AWESOME AWESOME ! I remember complaining to my mum ,' why args no cheer ?' I even told my mum to go for the PIBG meeting and tell the school to have a cheer team. LOL

I remember I used to support for Shirtliff ( SBU ) & Dyanamitez( Damansara school )
well now , i guess I got my own team to support ! Xavier...! =D

& now I can be one of them GREEN people now....LOL.

Secondly , what I love about my school is their school song !!! OH MY GOD , the song is so AWESOME. I love it !!! I remember I was singing it non-stop till Aurelia got so annoyed by me . hahaha ! =)

and last but not least , I LOVE the teachers over there ! they are sooo AWESOME, especially my English teacher ! love her !

I'm enjoying CBN but yet I'm still VERY SCARED of that school. I don't know wth will happen everyday , scary.

OK , enough about my school . NEXT up ,


the best day of my life was YESTERDAY ( well , so far la.....If I get to meet her FACE to FACE , then that would be a better day of my life ! =D )

Wong Mew Choo FINALLY accepted my friend request !! To top it off , she even sent me messages ! TWO , TWO FREAKING MESSAGES !! HOW FREAKING BLOODY FANTASTIC is that ?

I sent her THREE messages saying ,

Message 1:

Title: Mew Choo !!!! PLEASEE!!!
I added you such a long time ago...!! please accept it !! I think you ignore it ady but PLEASEE....ADD me !!! remember that day at Malaysian Open ?? we shouted you name like crazy people ? I was one of them !! PLEASEEE add me !!!

nothing happened , she did not response nor accepted my request .

well of course , I did not give up . I just kept on trying.

Message 2:

title :PLEASE add me !!
WONG MEW CHOO !! Please add me !!! PLEASEEE!!! I'm really your BIG FAN !! PLEASEEEEE

Nope , nothing happened again. tried Another time !

Message 3:

Title: please !!!
Wong Mew Choo !! please please pleaseee !! ADD MEEE !! PLEASEEE

& FINALLY she REPLIED my message and then accepted my request.

she replied saying ,
ok,ok,i will add u.

And then of course , I starting jumping & got crazy a little while & yes , I replied her again saying ,

OH MY GOD WONG MEW CHOO !! THANK YOU SO MUCH !! I LOVE YOU ! thanks for adding !! You don't know how much this means to me . You are my role model & my idol !!!Thank you SO MUCH ! I will always support you ! & I hope you will view this blog , This is a fan blog I made for ALL your fans. Please View it ! THANK YOU ! & LOVE YOU !!!

& GUESS WHAT ?!?!? she replied me AGAIN !!!!!!!!! fantastic huh ?

she said ,

YOU WELCOME.i also feel HAPPY i have big fan like you.THANK YOU always support me and also THANK YOU made a fan blog for my fans. Wish u always be HAPPY.

AWWWWWW.....HOW NICE IS THAT ??!?!?!?!?!

till now , I still cannot believe that just happened to me though I know she may have done this to many people/fans & its normal for her & some fans might think ' so what she sent you messages ? she also got send me la ! '

I DON'T CARE whether she sent you or she did not sent you messages , all I CARE about is that she REPLIED me , it might seem normal to you but not to me . This two messages is VERY special & meaningful to me .

Why is it special ?

Cause it's WONG MEW CHOO !!

Why is it meaningful ?

Well because she just build another brick in my hope of meeting her.

I admire how you made the Malaysian Team ( women event ) to win GOLD in the recent SEA games after not winning ANY medals ( not even bronze ) for the past 34 years ! You are one GREAT leader.

I will ALWAYS support you ! & thank you for replying & acknowledge my messages. THANK YOU !