Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I'm so terrified for SPM.
My family are losing hope in me.
So as I am, I am losing hope in myself.

I need to find that confidence in me that I use to have.
Not only on my studies, but on my DANCING too, my music.

I don't know what 2010 did to me.
I've never feel this dumb before.
I've never feel this 'unconfident' about myself.

Oh dear God, please help me. Please help me to help myself.

I should start standing up and start solving problems.
Arrghh, but its so hard to stand up right now.

Actually, pictures do lie.
The picture shows a smile but you really don't what hidden behind that beautiful smile


My Problem

Thinking way too much

is my problem.

I shouldn't think too much.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm Back!

I suddenly have that urge to blog.

And I kinda miss blogging.

Blogging use to be my priority EVERYDAY back in form 1 & 2

and now? I'm ditching it. not GREAT.

My holidays started out to be BUSY, then it turn out to be OKAY, then it turn to be quite fun and now, its so freaking boring.

I still have holiday homeworks to do that was given by my crazy teachers but I'm just too lazy. omg, I've only completed history notes. The rest? OMG. I should really get this done by this week! omg and I should REALLY start studying. SPM weyh, its not like PMR where you can start studying 2 months before and still get straight A's.


Freaking out,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

List of things to do

- Holiday Homeworks
- 1 birthday gift, 2 birthday cards
- Brush up form 4
- Get a lead

OKAY, I better do all of this :)

I've realized

I belong to this new world, I've gotta start accepting.

Form 4, new school,new friends, new education, new life.

I belong here. I don't belong there anymore. And I've got to start lovin' it

I gotta start working hard, I HAVE to. SPM is no joke.
Its not like PMR where you can start studying 2 months before and still get straight A's
Nop, SPM ain't like that.

Dear God, please push me, help me to get that initiative to study. Please? Thank you.

For starters, I'm gonna clear my holiday homework before December! So that I can study during December. Now, I better finish my homeworks first. :D

Bright side, I should enjoy this right? enjoy studying, doing homework and all. Right? OKAY, I will enjoy with a smile! :) a sincere smile.

Jo-Ann Ang signing off now. Bye :)

Because You Loved Me

You were my strength when I was weak
You were voice when I couldn't speak
You were eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith cause you believe,

I am everything I am because you loved me, God

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Installation 10/11

Board Of Directors of CBN 10/11

President :

Itr. Harshiah a/p Prem Kumar

Vice president :

Itr. Joanne Ang Jia Wei


Itr. Aurelia Kim Zhi Xian

Itr. Yau Jen Nee

Treasurer :

Itr. Raja Nur Hanani

IU Director :

Itr. Sabrina Chua

Community Service Director :

Itr. Ezleen Natasha

Club Service Director:

Itr. Noor Ashiqin

Funding Director :

Itr. Chiu Cheng Sim

Publicity Director :

Itr. Jo-Ann Ang Hui Fern

Sergeant at arms :

Itr. Fiona Aurelia Culas

Hey! Congrats to all! :)

Finals are Over! what a relief! But still, I don't think my results are going to be satisfying cause I did not put in 100% in it. Oh well.Its over already, no point looking back

There's school tomorrow, wonder should I go? there's no point going anyway cause most of my teacher wont be around cause they'll be marking the PMR papers.

I wanna bake! OOOH, can't wait for my Baking SPREEEEEE!! OMG CAN'T WAIT!

Ok, I have nothing blog anymore. So that's all :)

XOXO to all ! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess!

Happy Birthday Roxanne! :)


Yo! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful one!
May all your dreams come true!
You've just got to believe in them, ya?

anyways, I wanna tell you some things.

Thank you for listening to my crap with your heart,
thanks for cheering when I'm blue.

Whenever troubles comes calling me,someone quickly jumps to mind,one who always will support me---You.

Thanks for all those hilarious conversation,
for silly things we laugh out loud.(gilbert,HAHA)

Flash back our memories, it was ALL sweet. HEYY! we went BRATs together! I'm not sure whether you remember BUT I remember I was telling you back in form 1 that I wish we could go BRATs together.GUESS WHAT? my wish came true! :D

This 2 pictures are so nice! but my favorite picture is still the one in my living room. :D My scanner rosak la, or else I would have scan it and upload it here.

Anyways, HAVE A BLAST BABEH! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

its YOUR sweet sixteen! You own the day babeh! :D

and let me end this post with........

Whenever my life feels empty,
Those times when I feel a lack,
I thank God for our special friendship,
Because I know you've got my back.
(internet source)[I dedicate this to YOU :D]

Friday, August 27, 2010

For My Cousin, Shareen Kaur

I'm most definitely going to miss you alot, Shareen Kaur. Look at our memories :)

This was Aunty Joe's Kandapath :)


CAM WHORE !!!! hahaha






:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Cheryl's wedding :D

NEW YEAR's 2009!!

NEW YEAR's 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Sha! I wanna thank you for being my very very very very very loyal listener. You were always there to listen to all my crappy stories, the stories that could bore anyone easily but you were ALWAYS there to listen whenever we meet up. Thank you for your patience. I also wanna thank you for sharing all your stories with me, everytime I listen to your stories, I eventually become more mature each time. And of course, Thank you for teaching me accounts! It must have been difficult for you to teach such a girl like me, thank you for your patience once again!

OOOH YEAH! last one, I wanna thank you for always having faith in me! You're always encouraging me in everything I do, especially on my studies which is the one I have LEAST faith in myself,haha.

You inspire me a lot,you made me feel that I'm not a class lower than anyone in the Tara Singh family. WE are all the same, we are all special and unique in our own way. Nobody is a loser, everyone is a winner. ;D

Thank You so much, Shareen!

I owe you BIG TIME!

I promise to 'belanja' you lunch once you're back from London in 2013. hahahahaah! That's like so long but I PROMISE. I wanna do it now but you are just too busy, right?

HEY HEY HEY ! Check out this picture ! You look so funny with your spectacles !!! hahahahahhahahahahahahahah!


Love you loads,
Jo-Ann ♥♥♥♥

I will miss you ♥♥♥♥

Monday, August 16, 2010

Its been quite some time since..........

I was satisfied with my work or effort in anything.

I feel like whatever I did this year was all very........cincai

I've got change my attitude...............NOW

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Memories =) Back in form 2 in ARGS. Hehe.

Gotta get off the comp. Tuition is in like half hours time. Ta-ta! <3

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moving On

I just had a short chat with Ms Sarah on Facebook.

Damn , I miss her ! But I've already accept the fact that she will not be with us for the rest of our High School years. and I'm already starting to open my mind and heart for my new English teacher, I think she'll do a great job & I'm not gonna compare her and Ms Sarah. Everyone has their own.......uniqueness ? is that the right word ? ah , whatever la.

Ok , I promise this is the last post for Ms Sarah.

I'll blog some other things next time :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another post for Ms Sarah ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Although we don't have a picture together but HEY HEY HEY ! We have a hugging picture together ! hehe ! :D

Alright, I'm going to start my 'speech' here,

My first impression of you was.......not good. NOP, I disliked you. I wasn't looking forward for your classes.I just sigh heavily when there's English. Well , that was only my first few days of school. But soon, you are so cool. So freaking cool ! I finally found a teacher that know how TOUGH is to get good results and all others teenage problems we are going through. Ms Sarah, you are SO COOL.

When you told us that you were leaving US to further your Masters, well I believed you but I didn't really bothered that time cause when you told us about this, it was during May, it was during our Mid-term exam and you said you were leaving in August. So yeah of course it didn't really bothered me much cause I was like 'August ? Lama lagi......'

And soon, I forgot that you're going to leave us till almost the end of June, someone reminded me & I was like ' NO! oh NO ! whatttttt ! WHYY'

Although I only knew you this year and although we are not very close but I want to let you know, YOU,Ms Sarah is very close to my heart, forever & always. I KNOW what you're thinking Ms Sarah , you must be thinking 'aiya...now only like that. After some time, things will change, everything will be replaced' Well , Ms Sarah, you maybe right about the being replaced and all BUT one thing for sure, I will NEVER forget you. WHY ? cause you're the AWESOME-est, COOLEST teacher ! I mean c'mon Ms Sarah , you know it yourself too !

Errrr.......What else to say.................OH YEAH

Ms Sarah, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING ! Thank you for your LOVE & CARING & also PATIENCE towards us(especially 4N, the noisiest class in the whole school,hehe) . You're the most awesome discipline teacher I've ever got. Because of you Ms Sarah, I feel so lucky to be in CBN and I have no regrets coming to CBN.

Thank You Ms Sarah, I Love You !

I'm not sure whether you'll remember me forever but JUST in case if you look back through my blog and reading this post or even looking through my Facebook(Jo-ann Ang) and wondering who is she, just remember my signature ,



I LOVE YOU Ms Sarah !!!! XOXO(which mean hugs and kisses)

p/s- Ms Sarah, I think there's a lot of grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes ! hehe ! sorry ! I failed to be your student !

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Love You,Ms Sarah !

I was lucky to know you this year,I was lucky to be in CBN this year and I'm really grateful that I am in CBN. All because of you, Ms Sarah.

I remember the first time you entered my class and I was like saying this to myself 'IISHHH, this teacher talk so loud larh !ISH,annoying la! Can't she speak softer?!?!?! haiyo ! cannot do homework larh!'

But after 2 classes, the deeper I got to know you, I LOVE the way you speak loudly and annoyingly ! All your advice and jokes was awesome. Your stories were hilarious and fantastic.

I've always look forward to your class ever since. We,kids are not easy to be controlled ESPECIALLY 4N, the noisiest and craziest class in the WHOLE SCHOOL but yet you managed to controlled us and made us listen to your teaching,advice and stories which made us wanted to listen MORE !

Like now, we want to spend every second with you! Remember you said this 'how many times want to hang out?' to Sonia,Aurelia and me at the hall today ? hahhahaha, it was funny & this shows how much you mean to us, we REALLY don't want you to go , so that's why we are trying to grab EVERY opportunities that we have to spend time with you (btw, you're always booked! ish ish ish)

4N loves you! I love you ! XOXO

I like this picture ! :D

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Official BODs 2010/2011(ARGS)

President : Roxanne Chong
Vice President : Tiffany Ng
Secretary : Foo Wei Lin
Treasurer : Wong Zhen Cheng
International Understanding Director : Kimberley Cheam
Asst. International Understanding Director : Ashiqin Rosli
Community Service Director : Prashanaa
Asst. Community Service Director : Aaliyah
Finance Director : Ang Jia Xin
Club Service Director : Jade Too
Form 5 Representative : Wong Voon Yin
Form 4 Representative : Sharmaine Ho
Form 3 Representative : Ong Eu Xuan

I'm not very shocked with the new BODs. All was predicted right.

It was shocking previously when they have not changed the BODs yet but after they've changed it, it was more like it.

CONGRATS my fellow friends ! :)


I wanna say thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. THANK YOU !

I love all the home-made cards and letters(LiWenn,Sabrina&Yvonne) cause its original :)
But still I love company made cards too with your own words in it(Bernice&Michelle)

I enjoyed 15thJuly 2010 :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My 200th post !

Ok ! I'm SO SO BORED now!

Well , I'll blog now. Hm...... Sport's Day is next Saturday at the Cheras Football Stadium , I remember I use to go swimming there when I was younger. woooooohooo ! can't wait !

aarghhh , I'm so LAZY to studyyyyyyyy !!!! I HATE Biology ! HATE it SO SO SO much , reading/memorizing all those cells , it just killed few of my brain cells by reading them. gawd !

I haven't got ANY reply from BRATs , I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope I will get in ! I really hope !!! I've been wanting to go since I was 13 !!!!!!!!!! I really REALLY hope they will pick me and both my friends , ROX & VON ! If all of us were chosen , man ! it'll be SO GREAT ! It's like we are going for a holiday together or something ! AAHHHH , I'm already excited !!

I got a new phone ! hahaha , finally !

ok , I have nothing else to blog. So....THAT's ALL ! BYE BYE people !

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

come to KL please!

Demand Selena Gomez in Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur!
Selena Gomez in Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

View all Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur events on Eventful

PLEASE HELP ME to DEMAND IT ! so that she'll come to Malaysia !

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hello !

Have you guys missed me ? No ? nevermind.

it's been SUCH a long time since I blogged & MANY thing has changed since I last blogged.

My first week of school was at ARGS and then my second week , poof ! in CBN.

I love CBN. CBN rocks ! There's 3 things I really LOVE about my school , ONE is...

CHEER !! AWESOME AWESOME ! I remember complaining to my mum ,' why args no cheer ?' I even told my mum to go for the PIBG meeting and tell the school to have a cheer team. LOL

I remember I used to support for Shirtliff ( SBU ) & Dyanamitez( Damansara school )
well now , i guess I got my own team to support ! Xavier...! =D

& now I can be one of them GREEN people now....LOL.

Secondly , what I love about my school is their school song !!! OH MY GOD , the song is so AWESOME. I love it !!! I remember I was singing it non-stop till Aurelia got so annoyed by me . hahaha ! =)

and last but not least , I LOVE the teachers over there ! they are sooo AWESOME, especially my English teacher ! love her !

I'm enjoying CBN but yet I'm still VERY SCARED of that school. I don't know wth will happen everyday , scary.

OK , enough about my school . NEXT up ,


the best day of my life was YESTERDAY ( well , so far la.....If I get to meet her FACE to FACE , then that would be a better day of my life ! =D )

Wong Mew Choo FINALLY accepted my friend request !! To top it off , she even sent me messages ! TWO , TWO FREAKING MESSAGES !! HOW FREAKING BLOODY FANTASTIC is that ?

I sent her THREE messages saying ,

Message 1:

Title: Mew Choo !!!! PLEASEE!!!
I added you such a long time ago...!! please accept it !! I think you ignore it ady but PLEASEE....ADD me !!! remember that day at Malaysian Open ?? we shouted you name like crazy people ? I was one of them !! PLEASEEE add me !!!

nothing happened , she did not response nor accepted my request .

well of course , I did not give up . I just kept on trying.

Message 2:

title :PLEASE add me !!
WONG MEW CHOO !! Please add me !!! PLEASEEE!!! I'm really your BIG FAN !! PLEASEEEEE

Nope , nothing happened again. tried Another time !

Message 3:

Title: please !!!
Wong Mew Choo !! please please pleaseee !! ADD MEEE !! PLEASEEE

& FINALLY she REPLIED my message and then accepted my request.

she replied saying ,
ok,ok,i will add u.

And then of course , I starting jumping & got crazy a little while & yes , I replied her again saying ,

OH MY GOD WONG MEW CHOO !! THANK YOU SO MUCH !! I LOVE YOU ! thanks for adding !! You don't know how much this means to me . You are my role model & my idol !!!Thank you SO MUCH ! I will always support you ! & I hope you will view this blog , http://mewchoowong.blogspot.com This is a fan blog I made for ALL your fans. Please View it ! THANK YOU ! & LOVE YOU !!!

& GUESS WHAT ?!?!? she replied me AGAIN !!!!!!!!! fantastic huh ?

she said ,

YOU WELCOME.i also feel HAPPY i have big fan like you.THANK YOU always support me and also THANK YOU made a fan blog for my fans. Wish u always be HAPPY.

AWWWWWW.....HOW NICE IS THAT ??!?!?!?!?!

till now , I still cannot believe that just happened to me though I know she may have done this to many people/fans & its normal for her & some fans might think ' so what she sent you messages ? she also got send me la ! '

I DON'T CARE whether she sent you or she did not sent you messages , all I CARE about is that she REPLIED me , it might seem normal to you but not to me . This two messages is VERY special & meaningful to me .

Why is it special ?

Cause it's WONG MEW CHOO !!

Why is it meaningful ?

Well because she just build another brick in my hope of meeting her.

I admire how you made the Malaysian Team ( women event ) to win GOLD in the recent SEA games after not winning ANY medals ( not even bronze ) for the past 34 years ! You are one GREAT leader.

I will ALWAYS support you ! & thank you for replying & acknowledge my messages. THANK YOU !