Monday, November 30, 2009

No New Moon , disappointed

god...Taylor Launter is so HOT !

Amanda can't make it for the outing today so we decided to postponed it to Wednesday....I was so excited about it ! but...sigh....

So , since the outing is canceled , I decided to join my brother and my cousin's outing. We watched Christmas Carol , it was frightening . I get what you mean now Rox.

Don't watch this movie if you have watch other Christmas Carol movies.

and Now currently , I'm reading a novel call 'The Last Song' , it's interesting , I'm enjoying it !

That's all for now !

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Being Underestimate

I hate being underestimate ! urgh ! I'm a girl , yah but still a human being !

Today I trained with two boys who are 14 & 13 years old with a coach.After training , it's game session time.

Coach : ok , you two boys listen up , when you two play , you guys play FULL court ( singles) but when you play with HER , half court

* I was SO PISSED OFF ! why half court ? you think I can't beat them ?*

Me : Why half court ? why not full court ?

Coach : *showing the underestimate look* you think you can beat them ? fine , IF you can beat them then sure , full court

Me : It's a challenge I'm willing to take.

The game started , singles 11 points

I played with that 13 years old boy , yah i lose ! no doubt , both of them are REALLY GOOD ! better than me. I lost to that 13 years old boy because I made SO MANY mistakes , out out out ! damn , but whatever , there is always next time.

Then , I played with that 14 year old boy , yeap he underestimate me. He was like ' yo , you sure you dun wan to play half court ? girllll.....'

urgh ! then we played , it was intense ! 1-1 , 2-2 ,3-3 and so on.... then it was 10-10 , yeap we had to play extra two game points , then it was 11-11 , 12-12 , gosh ! when is this going end ?!?! But finally I won 14-12 . Though wasn't really satisfied cause when we were playing the 13-12 rally , I served high up the ball to the back and there was this bloody boy standing IN the court and my opponent hit him and he missed the ball . So that's how I won but it was quite funny though

Him : WEIIII , why are u standing HERE !?!?!?!? i lose liao you know ! where you want me to hide my FACE ?!?!? I lose to a GIRL you know !!! yoh ! you arh..!!


well , he's not statisfied so I made a deal with him by saying ' next week , rematch! '

hahha , it was funny. But it was DAMN tiring , thanks to my 2 months break. My stamina is SO SO SO down.I think i'm gonna jog every morning starting tomorrow. Yeap ! i must , to build my stamina up !

There's a tournament coming up , but I can't join. It's only for under 14 ! damn , I heard there was a tournament I missed last month. sigh.... nvm. I hope there's more coming up ! I'm excited for it!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm going to Thailand !!!

It is confirmed ! I'm going to Hat Yai on December 17th !

But I'm not flying ,I'm sitting the train. Remember last year I went Padang Besar I sat the train for 13 hours ? well , this year I'm going furthur which will take 14 hours. 14 hours sitting down in the train , my butt and back will be in a lot of pain afterwards. We did not book the room type cause is expensive. There's 7 of us going , my mum , dad , bro , sha , aunty usha , uncle kuldip and ME ! yay..!!! i can't wait..!!!! I'm going to have loads of fun and I know it.

We went Padang Besar last year December 22nd and this year is 17th , since is like that we are planning to do this annualy . This is gonna be fun !

That's all for now with me in EXCITEMENT !

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm definitely enjoying my holidays now !
-Going Seremban tomorrow ! !!
-Next Monday New Moon outing !
-Might be going Hat Yai,Thailand following week.( my mum might not take me cause nobody will be at home to 'take care' of my maid so I have to stay back because I've already travel overseas this year unlike my bro , he has not travel overseas yet so my mum want to take him to pay back the Vietnam trip.Fine I understand BUT I DON't WANT TO BE WITH MY MAID ! no! just US , that's H-E-L-L!)
-going to Genting !
-And of course last but not least my annual year end family gathering in PD !

ahhh, I LOVE holidays !

Even though sometimes is boring but hey ! it's way better than homeworks( especially if you're in upper secondary) . Well , I do miss homeworks and studying that is because I've not reach upper secondary. I bet I will not like upper secondary , so I think I should enjoy my holidays to the fullest while I can which left a month and a week ? Damn , time flies fast !

Anyway , that's all for now !

Monday, November 16, 2009

When You're Looking Like That - Westlife

That song is really nice ! Though I don't like the lyrics , i prefer Singaporeans changed it. Or maybe I'm just used to listening to the Singaporeans version.Well , they did not change the whole lyrics , just a few parts.

A girl sings this part :

She's a 5 foot, 10 in catsuit and bambi eyed
edited : He's a 5 foot 2 ,he's cute & he's just my type
(though I would prefer he's a 6 foot 10 he's cute & he's just my type)
Everybody's who's staring wouldn't believe that this girl was mine
(Everybody's who's staring wouldn't believe that this guy was mine)
I should have know I was wrong
When I left her for a life in pity
But they say you never miss the water until it's gone

& then this part

A Boy sings this part

She's all dressed up for glamour and rock and roll
Wanna squeeze her real tight get out of this place
Edited: wanna hold her hand &take her everywhere
If only I could take control

But she's out of my reach forever
And just a week ago she lied next to me
Edited : And just a week ago she was my girlfriend.
It's so ironic how I had to lose just to see
Edited:Such a pity how i had to lose her just to see
that I failed to love you
And you're taking it out tonight

Check it out!