Friday, September 18, 2009

Wong and Lee are no longer together

Well , I knew they were not going to married and going to break up. They dated since they were 18 & 17 . Not surprise they broke up . 'There was no love for each other already so might as well break up as it will not lead them to happiness' said by one of them .

Mew Choo confirmed their split on Wednesday after losing to Jiang Yan Jiao of China in the China Masters.

Holidays for a week !! :-)

This picture was taken on Wong Mew Choo's birthday this year , 1st May 2009

Selamat Hari Raya to All my Muslim friends !

Sunday, September 13, 2009

h-a-p-p-y ! :-)

I just realize that I miss blogging , I miss typing long post...well this is going to be short post.

how many days to PMR ? I don't know but I know it's LESS THAN a month !
90210 season 2 is out , I've downloaded the first episode but I have not watch it yet , saving it after my PMR

Today is a SUNDAY ! yay...Sunday !! reasons why I love Sunday is because I have badminton training ! it's been 1 year , well not one year yet , another 2 more weeks , it's gonna be a year I've been training under my coach , Mr.Chan . Today was not just another ordinary training to me , I challenge myself that I've got to beat those boys(they are REALLY good , they are like professional) there was 2 of them.Usually , the last half an hour , our coach will give us to play games , singles or doubles , he'll decide. So today the 3 of us , those two really-pro boys and me , we were in a group . Our game was singles , winner stay , loser out 7 points(so the match is really short for each). First started with me and this bloody-good-at-smashing-boy. He practically smashed me the whole match , I guess I gave him too much opportunity to smash , so fine , he won and I'm out.So the two boys played their match and the same boy won the match again , then he said he wanna take a break, so both of us ,the losers played a match. HE won ! I lost to BOTH of them , I was pretty pissed off for the FIRST time . Usually I'll have the attitude of ' it's ok , I'm just a newbie , I'm meant to be the loser' but then after losing to the two boys , I just realize , I've been training here almost a year ! I'm not a newbie ANYMORE !

so I had a rematch with the bloody-good-at-smashing-boy . I won , I did not give mercy on him and he did not give me any . How I won the match ? it was basically his own fault , he underestimate me , he smashed me and I managed to retrieve the whole time ( wow , i guess i was really focused ) so when I retrieved it back , he was in total shocked that he don't know but he was suppose to do , HAHA ! I laughed at him , the look on his face satisfy me , why ? at least he knows that I'm not some rubbish bin girl who don't know how to play badminton.My match against him was also a total upset for those who were watching us to play because everyone wanted him to win and EXPECTED him to win as he was leading 5-2 BUT I manged to make it a tie to 5-5 and I won 7-5 ! yes ! I was really happy

Then , played with the other boy , I won too. But the match was really nail-biting. The score was 1-1 , 1-2 , 2-2 , 3-2 , 3-3 but thanked god that when I reach 5-5 , he made 2 mistakes in a row which made me win 7-5 ! yoo hoo ! I'm satisfied today as my the other boys look me in a different way , yes ! (I'm the only girl in my training centre , so yeah)

short post ? hhaha