Sunday, August 30, 2009

Selena Gomez and the Scene - Falling Down - Official Music V

This is her MV . I really HONESTly don't like this song ! but then I just kept playing this song on my MP4 that now I LOVE IT ! and I love the MV , she looks so pretty !

The song is a bit weird , it's a bit different . But I like it ! no LOVE IT now , going to off now to study now but I'll watch the video 1 more time ! it's so nice !

Saturday, August 29, 2009

FINALLY !!! gosh...

I went to Mid Valley today !

I know I should not go out and start focusing on books but I have objective for this outing , that is :


and finally ! I manage to buy it all !!!!!

the most difficult want to buy was TIFFANY NG ! Oh MY........!
I bought Yvonne's gift first and it was easy what to get her , I know Yvonne well so I know what she wanted ! and I KNOW she'll like it ! *confident!*

Tiffany's gift gave me a big headache ! I went shops to shops , thinking ? how tall is she ? how small is she ? it's been 1 week since I saw her , so it was DIFFICULT to imagine her figure . Buying accessories for her , but it was ALL GIRLY ! saw a BEAUTIFUL handbag ! but it's was PINK ! and she doesn't like it , so instead buying for her , I bought for myself ! it's really pretty u noe ! pretty pink ! but AT LAST , I managed to buy her a gift .

Amanda's gift was the most simplest !

and my budget for each of of them was WAY below my budget ! which I am GLAD ! my budget for each is RM 30 ! but ALL was below than that ! SO HAPPY that the stuff I bought for my friends are CHEAP and NICE ! I know my friends well , they don't care the price , they just think it's nice and pretty , then price is not a matter at all eventhough its RM 1 but the most important is that the thought that it counts

and as for Roxanne Chong , I haven't bought for her gift yet because I had a BIG headache for Tiffany's gift that I told myself I would get Roxanne's gift on the day itself . 13th of October , last day of PMR , right after the KH paper , I would head to a mall to get her a gift with her if there's an outing or not I would go myself and get her one . So Roxanne , sorry ! your gift would be late....because my mum will quarantine me in home until PMR is over .

That's all guys !

Listen to Falling Down by Selena Gomez and The Scene

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bull Fighting 鬥牛, 要不要!! aka Hooping Dulcinea


This is my FAVORITE scene...! how nice of him !

I also like this scene , sweet . episode 2 , I think

HEBE ! she's from S.H.E ! I prefer her in short hair because she looks more mature and prettier . like the picture above , she looks childish and cute which really suitable for her character in the drama .

walao........he's bloody handsome !

Holidays was OK . I am not suppose to use the comp now but I'm using . Haih.....41 days to PMR ! SO nearr !!! haih....

oh yeah , today is 27th of August . It's the day where I got all crazy about WONG MEW CHOO and it's also the day where I FIRST blogged about WONG MEW CHOO in this blog . I still remember !! lol...

August 17th - LCW got his Silver Medal !
August 13th - WMC crashed out in the Olympic Games !

I'm crazy......

HUI FERNN !! studyyy !!!!!!

alright , i shall leave the comp now .

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wizards Of Waverly Place : The Movie !

the trailer !

OMG , I can't wait !!! it's coming this friday in US ! ahhh...! I wanna WATCHHH !!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Losing Feeling ........

Wong Mew Choo just crashed out in Macau Open , watched through Live Score , it's a good thing it's not on TV or I will definitely cry .

The feeling of your FAVORITE player , the person you REALLY admire ! willing to do anything to support her , example like skipping tuitions , skipping family gatherings ( & many more ) and YET seeing that person lose . It's just ...... really disspointing .

I'm such a mega huge fan of Wong Mew Choo , I wasn't such a big fan for Stacy last time . I was just a big fan of stacy but I wasn't a mega huge fan like now for Mew Choo .

The feeling is just very hurtful , I do not know how to describe but it's just really painful . It's even more painful when you see her play live ESPECIALLY when she's playing with a player who is world ranking 40++ when you are seeded 8 .'s really....OUCH . It should be an easy match but yet lost....

I wonder what's her problem ......

sparring with LCW

it's time to shine again Mew Choo