Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad Dies

We will miss Yasmin
We will miss Yasmin

Oh we are so, so sad. We have just learnt that Yasmin Ahmad has passed away. The 51-year-old director, who was known for her award-winning movies such as Sepet and Muallaf, died at about 11.25 pm Saturday night, reported Bernama.

On Thursday, Yasmin collapsed while making a presentation at Sri Pentas and was rushed to the hospital where she underwent surgery to reduce a swelling in her brain. She was said to have suffered from a stroke and brain haemorrhage.

Rest in peace, Yasmin. And thank you for all the wonderful commercials and movies you have given us.

man ! no more fantasic movies....M'sia movies sucks except that is direct from her(Yasmin Ahmad) is interesting , man...!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I just got back from the clinic , the doc said it was just a normal fever , harh ! I knew it , I knew I wont get H1N1 . But the doc was shocked when he asked me what sickness do I have, I said ' fever , cough , flu and also migrane ' then , his eyes was big ! he was so shocked and in my heart I was like ' hey dude , chill ! your eyes is scaring me ! 'but then after he checked here and there , it was just a normal fever.

I have to drink cough syrup ! urrrghhhh !!!!yuckkkk i hate that syrup ! pui ! pui !
evanna lynch as Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter , I like her , she's diff from everyone else from the film
Emma Watson , I love her British Slang .

I'm sick guys....

If you think I skip school today for no reason , then you're wrong . I'm sick , Fever , Flu , Cough and Migrane . Symptoms of Influenza A ( H1N1 ) ? yeah , but I doubt that I'm having that Influenza and I'm positive about it .

I had migrane yday while at school during English period . I told manda that I dun think i can stay back today but she was really annoying so i decided to stay . When I got back home , I was so weak , I had fever and flu and also migrane . I went to tuition @ 6 , the class ends at 8 but I coudn't take it anymore , I decided to go back @ 7 , once I got back , ate my dinner , took 2 panadol's and slept @ 8 . I woke up 7 am the very next morning , i would want to sleep longer but my mother said ' you've slept far too long , get up now ! and have breakfast ! ' I did not want any breakfast buy you know again , my mum FORCED me . ok ok !!

I feel completely weak today , I can't even watch a movie . When I was watching Princess Protection Program ( this is the 2nd time I'm watching coz the movie rocks ! ) , while I was half way watching , I felt my head is so heavy , so then I offed my TV and slept .

oh god , my fever is rising again ! urgh , i hate fever . there's 1 thing I'm proud of , I slept for freaking 11 hours !!! never slept that long before !!! so cool !!

Monday, July 6, 2009

it's been a while

It's been a while since I updated my blog , I think I'll update my blog right after my 3rd intervention! and i think that post will be staying there for few months .

anyway , upcoming post ( which I will combine all in 1 )

- outing with cousins
- Bro's 21st bday

and.................I can't remember .....! :)

anyway , I have few pics of my cousin and I wanna share with u guys !

AaAWWW.....isn't she cute ??

she looks like PRINCESS ! don't u think so ?
She's such a photogenic

That's all for now !

oh wait , installation . Might as well updated about that now .

President : Priscilla Francisca
Vice President : Nadiatul Diyana
Secretary : Sabrina Chua
Treasurer : Yuen Wei
IU Director : Jesse Lee
Asst. IU Director : Armanda Madynah
Community Service Director : Roxanne Chong
Asst. Community Service : Kimberley Cheam
Club Service : Sammi Chan
Finance Director : Chai Man Yee

CONGRATS to ALL !!!!!!
you guys really deserve it !

Congratulations roxie

Congrats sabby!

and you too Kim !

Have Fun !!!