Thursday, April 30, 2009


well , it was a success ! yayy......

Opening Act - I did not watch it but my mum said it was great !
Solo Performance - well , I did not watch but I heard . It was beautiful and ya noe whut ? my mum even cried ! the song was ' Miracle ' by Mariah Carey
Form 3 Dance - It was a success , I'm very proud to be in the dance and I'm very proud with my rest of my members !
Sketch - It was great ! It was funny , especially armanda's part and Kim's&Van's part . hahaha ! *coz you're hot & ur cold*
Group Performance - IT WAS AWESOME ! I enjoyed this the MOST ! it was terrific ! so awesome ! I loved it !
Rock & Roll - I dun think I wasn't HuiFern at that moment , i went crazy abit which I started dancing at the back with Amanda . LOL . it was awesome ! *rock , rock , rock , rock&roll! shake shake shake , shake&roll!*
Fashion Show ! - I loved what Huey Wern wore , I love Wenz wages , I love Phoebe's walk and I love how Diyanna turn out ! hahahah ! it was perfect !

I would to say thank you for those who came for our IU .
And I would also like to say thank you to the B.O.Ds for allowing my friends and I to perform on IU . I've realized that I've lose and gain friends through this experience . Those experience , memories , laughthers are priceless . Thank You , BOD .

Yvonne ! remember how much we wanted to go for dance class ? since form 1 ? well guess what ? we finally did it ! and we did somewhere we never thought we would ever step inside there in life . I've learn something from here , NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE ! am I right yvonne ?

and yeah , there is something i'm very mad at . I don't know who told the whole crowd about the 'thingy' of our dance (form 3 dance) . Everthing single thing , there is possitive and negative . the possitive of our dance was that we performed a great show , the negative side of our dance was that 'thingy' . Why the hell do you need to tell the crowd about the negative side of our dance ? Look at the positive side people . Did the crowd NEED to know our negative side of our dance ?

well , whoever you are , THANKS ALOT ( in a sarcastic way)



- MUMMY ( love you mummy......thanks for supporting and coming for my IU though I do get scolding everyday for not studying...heeeee.....)
-YVONNE ( thanks for making this dance ALIVE , making it into reality ! )
- AZRINA ( Thanks for the choerographing , you are the best and I wish you good luck in everything you do ! )

and I wanna say SORRY TO

- AMANDA , MARILYN ( sorry la......sometimes i get stress up and you know , my badan oso will be panas panas sikit....sorry ! )
- MUMMY ( for coming back late that day , I did not do it on purpose ! )

Pictures will come on the next post ! stay tune !!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Namaste , New York !

Please Come ! : )

Sunday, April 12, 2009

American Idol finalist Archuleta wows 6,000 fans

PETALING JAYA: American Idol (Season Seven) runner-up David Archuleta performed at the packed Sunway Lagoon ampitheatre yesterday and wowed an estimated 6,000 fans, some of who had turned up as early as 8am.

The 18-year-old star arrived in Malaysia on Wednesday for a four-day promotional tour, which culminated in the Sunway showcase.

Passionate followers: Fans showing their love for Archuleta (inset) at the ampitheatre yesterday.

Archuleta performed four tracks from his self-titled album, including the hit single Crush, much to the delight of the audience who gamely sang along throughout the show.

The Utah lad also did renditions of Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles and Robbie Williams’ Angels, which saw him play the keyboards.

The concert kicked off at 3pm with three opening acts – Hou Ren (Astro Talent Quest runner-up), Alif Satar (One in a Million finalist) and Daniel Lee (Malaysian Idol champ).

The crowd that had turned up wasn’t just made up of screaming teens.

Noor Azhan Rizaluddin, 40, who had followed Season Seven ardently said Archuleta had certainly lived up to his expectations.

“He was awesome. And when he played the keyboards, I had goosebumps.”

The showcase was organised by Sony Music Entertainment, with DiGi as its main partner.

P/s- This was taken from The Star ! you can see Sabby there !!! go check it out !!!!

will post the pictures as soon as i get it from my friends !

Friday, April 3, 2009

Salam Namaste.....Salam eh eh !

*click to enlarge*

ARGS 38th International Understading day !

Date : 25th of April
Time : 1 - 5 pm ( come half an hour earlier for registration & be on time!)
Dress Code : Casual ( STRICTLY decent )
Entrance Fee : RM 15
Venue : Wisma Chinese Chamber ( along Jalan Ampang , Beside the old LGM '' Lembaga Getah Malaysia" building )

That's All For Now ! SMILE ! :)

P/s - adddicted to a hindi song call ' Salaam Namaste ' !