Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sports Day !

ok , we look damn weird...its so 'silat'ish

Jia Xin and I . The 2 cats ~

von , me and rox . They said we shouden't take picture which there's 3 people in it coz they said one of them will die faster!

vonn and I

roxy and I . Rox , you look darker . its kinda weird coz usually it pictures you look damn fair but this is a bit tan.....

Jesse & the gang

Amanda & I . She looks like a mouse

Jump shot #1 . Failed !

I'm so happy with my team ! let's jump people !

our commander ! thank you for pusshing us . Its all worth it and Congrats !

we Got FIRST place for marchinggg !!!!
we deserve the first place !
you know why ?
we started our marching practice since JANUARY !
and right after CNY , we've been staying back almost everyday .
then when our Intervensi over , we stayed back EVERYDAY !

and about 3 or4 days before sports day , we were more relax . We did not march that much as we dun want anything to happen to us on sports day. *but yinning was sick the day before sports day ! how sad...but yinning ! we wonnn !!! hahahah*

Teacher : tempat ketiga untuk pebarisan adalah Rumah.............SETIA !!!!!!!
Yvonne & I : SETIA ??!?!?! YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*setia has been winning for marching like 2 years already....*
teacher : Naib Johan untuk Pebarisan adalah Rumah....................BAKTI !!!!!!
Yvonne & I : YESSS !! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! ok , its between us and Budi.....*keeping our finger cross*
teacher : Dan johan untuk pebarisan adalah Rumah MURNI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we really screamed so loud and jumped . really loud , I actually can be deaf but i din really bother because well , our victory wad.....

BUT overall , MURNI got second place ! *let's give a standing ovation !!*

after 5 years of winning , we finally stepped down.


Keep up the good work !

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mew Choo Lost !

Mew Choo Lost in INdia Open 2009 about 1 minute & 45 seconds ago.......haih.........

BUt nvm , I'm quite happy with her . She made it to the Quarter Finals and that's not bad after her serious knee & elbow injuryy....well , congrats !

this is her first tournament of the year , its good start . Once you fall , you cannot straight way reach the top , you need to tae one step at a time. So yeah........

but....if mew choo won just now , I can watch her at TV tomoro for her semi-finals match !!! argh...nvm nvm .......

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dance !!!!! Marching !!!!!

Dance and Marching !!!! oh gosh..........both also tiring but both also I enjoy ! hahahaha !


Today was the rehearsal for my sports day this saturday , and today when I was marching I actually said ' kirip , kirip , kirip kanan kirip ' Usually I'll say it softly but today I felt like lungs almost going to come out . I felt my heart was pumping so F-A-S-T ! & i nearly faint but it was so muddy , I j ust controlled it . I was tired thats why i felt like fainting..........


New steps today . urgh............when I practice myself , I can do it perfect , no mistakes . But when have to do it together with my members , thats when I go wrong ! I'm very 'Kam Chiong' when I do the dance together . Hui Fern............RELAX ! dun be so 'Kam Chiong' ! Almost EVERYTHING I do , sure when I have to perform or have to show to a VIP , I sure make mistakes . ALOT ! Once a mistake is done , the followings steps will be wrong . So yeah.... HAIH!

BTW , Congrats to Mew Choo ! She made it to Quarter Finals in India Open . Tomorrow is her Quarter Finals Match , good luck ya !

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Demi's New Music Video !

Demi looks different here ......

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My hair ! AGAIN !

*holding the same phones ?*

looking @ these pictures , it makes me so.......'miss my hair' emotions . L.O.L

That's all for now !

p/s - I hate babysitting !

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Today is my Uncle's wedding ! so as my class teacher's wedding , Cik Azlin
but something terrible happen to me , something which is ........ HURTFUL !

My unclE had his wedding in a restaurant *its a lunch*
and I brought my black dress that my friends gave it to me during my birthday last year .
and So , I told my mum to help me iron cause i dunno how to iron that 'type' of dress .

so , I was standing beside her and I said

me : ooohh !!! so excited !!! FInally ! I'm wearing my first dress for the first time !!!! yay !!!!!

after 25 seconds ,

the dress got BURNT ! BURNT !!!!!! B-U-R-N-T !!!!!!!!! there's a hole at the backside there !
goodness gracious ! N do you know how does it feel ? never worn before ! birthday present ! its so hurtful ! ouch !

and OBVIOUSLY I started crying , softly of coz . But I stopped after 2 minutes , I din wan the whole family to know and Plus , its my uncle's big day . He's 48 and now FINALLY he's getting married but I'm stil not use to call him as a married man

I'm so upset now , my dress . haih........WHY ! and i wore something else which is SO UGLY and made me look so FREAKING fat !


I'll upload the pictures when i get back to KL . chow !

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Jonas Brother 3D Concert Experience

It was definitely a blast . the camera , really good . when it was far away , i felt like i was one of the million crowd fans . I'm now a BIGGER fan ! I love them !!!!!!! they rock......!!!!!!

This concert is something like 'Hannah Montana : Best Of Both Worlds' but this was more creative , much nicer . Very creative , I give a big applause to the director . It was good .

thats all for now

Friday, March 6, 2009

Busy Schedule

She's Pretty , its just that you guys don't see it .

I'm so caught up with school activities . SO many activities but I enjoy it , because I know , one day I'll miss it .

I dun like going to school , because there's assembly EVERY morning , hate it so much and that's where all the prefects will be standing , the same faces we will see everyday and ask the same freaking question everyday ' check kuku ' , ( kuku means fingernails ) .

I got a new number , new phone . Its a normal phone that cost RM 125 because I lost my phone last year , August 31st , 7 am . In the Musuem , I was in a camp and I left my phone in the bag cause there was nobody at that area , so I went and brush my teeth and came back , my phone VANISHED ! I'm still cursing that person till today, idiot ! and my parents still thinks that I still can't handle a phone yet ( WHY...! ) ,so that's why they bought me a O-K phone , damn that person ! idiot ! stupid !

my current favorite songs ,

- Kat Deluna Ft. Lil Wayne - Unstoppable
' I'm unstoppable..........unstoppable.........unstoppable......'

- Lady Gaga - Poker Face
' can't read my , can't read my , no he can't read my poker face ( she has nobody to love ) '

Thats all for now , XOXO