Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

My Aunt took this picture , its like in studio , I din photoshoped it
my aunt has this kinda big camera , I dunno what brand isit . The camera is like when you do a photoshoot , the photographer has this big camera right ? yeap , that . My aunt has interest in taking photography , she even took courses .

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello !

Hey Guys ! Adviced to use Mozila Firefox to view my blog ! thx !

Happy Chinese New Year guys !!! 2moro I'll be going Genting and second day , BALIK KAMPUNG !

and ya noe whut ? My uncle is going to get married , FINALLY LA ! he's 40 plus already ! and I'm kinda excited I get to wear my FIRST dress for the FIRST time ! yayyyy ! hahahahah....

I miss my fringe !!!

i miss my fringe so muchHHH !!!

I miss my HAIR....!!!!!!!!

my latest pic and i love this pic !

Happy CNY guys ! bye!!
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Motivator...

ello ! I miss my comp so much !!!! I just got back from school ! 2moro is Cross-Country day ( Merentas Desa) woo hoooo............thank god they put earlier ! I remember they once put on July , so late...! so yeah , today is Candy's last day of school ! She'll be going CBN 2moro , I guess or next week , I think 2moro la . Dunno la , well , Candy ! Good Luck at there ya !

3 days ago , I watch sportscentre and they talked about WONG MEW CHOO and interviewed her , after watching that interview , i got the 'semangat' to study ! she's like my motivator ! you noe why ? its been ages I ever heard about her latest news ! well , at least I know she is still alive now ! lol !

School has been ok .......OK i guess ! But I know I laugh more and more and more EVERYDAY !! even today , I guess today I laughed the most ! hahhahahahhahahahahahaha !!! it was rather emberassing coz we were at a restaurant and we were laughing crazy ! hahaha ! and sorry Winnie for beating you but I just can't control my hand ! lol......

Thats all for now ! CNY is the Monday ! yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

School !!!!! again...!!

This time I'll blog about the juniors......let see , the FIRST junior i knew was.........CANDY !
yeap ! Candy , she talks hell damn lot !!!and she's a BIG fan of Lee chong wei and she thinks he's handsome ? whut.......................well , I'm speechless , to me....he's OK . Then , there's a few juniors , can't remember their names even though I've ask them like thousand times , but I can't remember ! I can remember my favorites , AMANDA !!!!!!!! she is DAMN CUTE !! the first time I met her , one single word from her mouth oso never dropped out but then the 2nd time and 3rd , I told her not to be shy and she really take it seriously and nvr be shy again , she'll talk to me nowdays , her normal self ! damn cute......!!!! When I pinch her , she pinch me back ! hahahahahah !!! one thing i realize , she likes to touch my ponytail , I have no idea . My another favorite is TISHA ! she is so CUTE!!! she's is so mature , the way she talks , she has that slang , and she's moving to CBN next month , she's joining her older sister over there . No wonder she got that slang , but I seldom talk to her cause i have no much things to talk to for CANDY , she talks too much la , sometimes , half of it I dun understand . Whenever she sees me , thats it , all about LCW ! lol , she is so cute !! but amanda is cuter .......!

I took this picture @ Malaysian Open

Thats all for now ! tata~~~ !!!!!

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Malaysian Open 2009

I was there!

Stadium Putra , Bukit Jalil . DAMN big , I din realize it was THIS big until I saw this pic . I was seating at the Lower tier there . I went for 2nd round , I din get to meet Wong Mew Choo ! but I get to meet Lee Chong Wei but I din ask his autograph ,I met Wong Pei Tty and Chin Eei Hui , my favorite women double's pair ! but failed to ask their autographs . Wong Mew Choo wasn't there , she was not at the finals either , SHOCKED ! my mum claims that they broke up but they are trying to keep it low coz they dun wan to be talked about .*my mum's opinion oni* Well , I dun think it true....8 years dating liao , next year wanna married ! wont break up wan la .......right ? I just dunno how they communicate , Mandarin I suppose , Wong Mew Choo's mandrin is not VERY good , she speaks more English , she speak englsih with her family and Chong Wei's mandarin is like SUPER DUPER great but his English and BM abit out sikit la..... He was interviewed that day at Kota Kinabalu , he was speaking English and it wasn't that nice but it was a good try , at least he KNOWS abit la.....

The Conclusion is...
it was a splendid outing I had though I din get to meet Wong Mew Choo but I'm satisfied , I'm happy that I actually went , its really a great experience ! the crowd , trust me , being there is WAY better than sitting at home supporting.....

and I realize something , Malaysians are abit crazy when they come to support their favorite players , I see China Open , or Hong Kong Open , the Hong Kong Players or Chinese Players , they home crowd supporters are NOT that loud but when I watch the Finals at home , the Malaysians crowd were CRAZY ! i can't even hear the commentator at all ! it was too loud , Malaysians are very passionate about Badminton , even When my mum and I was at the 2nd round , we were exactly like the crowd but not THAT mean , some of them scolded chong wei when he loses his point , they'll say

' eh datuk ah ! apa in ?!?! nanti kita ambil you punya datukship balik '

hhahahaha ! and there was once , he thought the ball was out but it was in , so the crowd was like

' eh datuk ! tak boleh tipu punya , ambil je bola tu ! '

Kesian la.......I remember the women doubles kena oso , damn those crowd la....

But it was SPLENDID ! totally AMAZING !

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School has been okay....I suppose......I'm satisfied with all my sub teachers except for Science ! oh gosh...I never liked her , I remember she teached me form 1 science for 2 months and she was off , thank god and Form 2 , she taught me Geography and I find hard to concentrate in her class coz her voice is so boring and now she's teaching form 3 science ( for my class i guess ) why ? why ? but its ok la , nvm , life is just unfair.... ! But I'm glad I got a nice-understanding class teacher , not like last year ! thank god he's not teaching me any subject , phew.....but my maths teacher will be teaching us until May , I'm afraid that my last year's maths teacher will teach me , HOPEFULLY not , oh god..please......

Clubs that I join this year
Interact Club

hm......I got at least 1 jawatan from badminton , AJK form 3 , YAY ! at least my cocuriculum marks will be at least slighty I hate that job , I have to collect the damn koko book and then some people they'll never write what they suppose to write and pass it up and guess whut , i have to do the damn freaking work , as I said , Life is just unfair.........

Oh yeah , I'm the treasurer in my class and I'm enjoying it ! hahhahaha , I dunno why but I just LOVE to collect money , its kinda fun ! I volunteered myself to be the treasuerer in my class . I din wan anybody to vote coz I'm afraid I can't get the job as I really wanted this job BADLY ! I love being treasurer , its kinda fun , collecting money ! yipeeee !!! LOL !

PMR is on the 12 of october till 16th October ! 17th October is Deepavali ! yay !!! I can go for open houses !

CNY is coming up ! yay ! I bought my clothes ADY !!!! yipeeeeeeeeeee !!! I feel so HYPER today !! hahahahah ! no Idea !

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wong Mew Choo's Withdrewal !

oh damN !oh Damn !!!! I din noe about it AT ALL !! the newspapers said NOTHING about it UNtil i went and visit WMC fan's blog which was 2 mintues ago...I din use the comp for a long not very sure with the updates.....OH MAN !! i thought 2moro go M'sian open and meet her but I'm still going coz i noe she'll be there , definitely but I'm buying the CHEAPEST ticket which cost RM 10 , I wanted to buy the premium ticket which cost Rm 25 but since she's not playing , then fine la , its ok ....damn ! I miss comp so much but I gtg now...haih...!BYE!

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Resolution

hello ! 2009 resolution :-

- Straight As for PMR
- Try not to be TOO bubbly
- Lose weight
- Be a good listener
- More mature
- Meet WMC , take picture with her , autograph and give the scrapbook that I've made for her

BACK TO SCHOOL ! tomorrow is the day !
gosh , I think I'm gonna hate school alot

Monday & Tuesdays - Go back at 2.30 pm
Wednesday & Thursday - Go back at 4 pm
Friday - ???? Probally early gua....12.50 ? 1 pm ? dunoo


thats all for now !

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Friday, January 2, 2009

7 Things Fly On The Wall

I really like Miley Cyrus 7 things , it was really good . I liked :-
- what she wore
- her shoes
- her hair....
- her voice , i like the part where she sings ' you make me love you '


I like the song , her hair !!

Going Pasar Malam now , hopefully when i come back , i wanna blog about my Resulution for 2009 .
and guess what ! i just watched news , the train , it tergelincir....omg............thank god we are already back ! phew !!!!! thank god.....thats all for now ! bye!

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Anneliese van der Pol

Anneliese Van Der Pol , Remember her ? She's known as Chelsea from That's So Raven
She's ain't that famous but I really admire her beauty , she is so PRETTY !!

She's very pretty....

she looks SO pretty here

well , she has big boobs , she has shape baby...

Sadly , she's not that famous

thats all !

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year guys ! oh well , hello 2009 !
Just now I watched Sportscenter(M'sia version) , they review about 2008 . WMC was interviewed , well it was about 2 minutes ! omgosh ! she is SO CUTE !!! I love her so much !

2009 will be a definitely a different year....well , for me . I even cried yday and today because i was so afraid of PMR . oh new year was like so moody ...........well , i did went Time Square and bought my CNY clothes , oooooh....I bought my fav clothes !!! yay !!! can't wait to wear them ! but after shopping it was like BOOOM , so moody least school starts on the 5th of Jan , not 3rd ! yay !! ........

nice right ? but din buy this ! forgot to buy actually , when i reach home , i was like ' MUM ! we forgot to buy that shirt ! ' argh....its so niceeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
well , bought a new jeans(my jeans is old , its been 2 and 1/2 years already.....bought a hoodie jacket(if that is what u call) , 4 shirts to match with the hoodie jacket . I'm satisfied ! but then that shirt ( the pic ) its SO NICE !!! i love ittttt....but...HAIYOOOOOOO....the next time i go time square , I'm so gonna buy that man !

Thats all for now !
school gonna start !

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