Sunday, December 27, 2009

Whatever - Habit

I've been using 'whatevers' lately , isit annoying ? argh , whatever .

I wanna go out before 2010 comes & haunt me !!!!

I wanna Karaoke with my friends before new year's..!!! we've not done that before and I want to do it before 2010 !!

I wanna go ice skate agaiN !!

I wanna watch Alvin & the Chipmunks for the 3rd time please !

I wanna be Theodore's girlfriend !
I wanna be Josh Hutcherson's girlfriend !
I wanna be Taylor Lautner's girlfriend!

I want to so Singaporee !!!!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hat Yai '09

Christmas is over and it was my best Christmas EVER !
PMR is finally over , everything is over. Overall , I'm satisfied with it.

Hat Yai '09 pictures ! ( from couzzie's camera)

Finally reach Hat Yai. after 16 hours !!

the so call bus we are sitting is called 'tu-tu' , hahah ! I find it so cute !!

so many nice & CHEAP dresses!!! mum asked me to buy but then I have no event to wear , so I din buy any.

but my cousin bought 4 ! well of course , she's in college so there's loads of events.

& I like that pic , so pretty !!

There's more, next time. that's all for now

Monday, December 21, 2009


I don't know what to blog now , I wanna blog about Thailand but I'm just not in the mood , I wanna blog about something else which I don't know what to blog.

Going out tomorrow with my friends . KLCC , anyone going there tomorrow ?

I try not to think about my pmr results day but then I was thinking about it yesterday night , I imagine the WORST . I'm scared.

Well , that was yesterday . Today ? not really scared about it , in fact I didn't really think about it but if I think about the imagination I was having yesterday night , yeah I will be scared .

21st december , that's fast . Common , that's what everyone will say . Or maybe not ? whatever.

That's all !

Current mood : frustrated ! argh , so complicating !

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I do not know what to put as a title of this post

I'm going Thailand tomorrow !! excited !!!! Of course la .

& I'm gonna sit the train again !!! this time is another extra 30 minutes . So it's 13 hours & 30 minutes !

Christmas is around the corner and I'm not exactly looking forward for it cause if christmas is coming , so as New Year too and I don't want the 2009 to end yet.

some pictures of Yvonne and Me on our crazy night

though i don't look good this picture but i still like it because we look so...close like...I don't know how to explain.

I'm gonna miss 2009 ALOT ! definitely my best year in my secondary life so far.

bye 2009 ... sigh

Monday, December 14, 2009

Youth Leadership Program

one word . A-W-E-S-O-M-E .

I'm so glad that I went , I'm so glad this advertisement was on Star and I spot it. Thank you God.

I've learn so much from this course especially from Ahmad & Devan , my group coordinators.
All the participants & coordinators are very supportive and I'm very touched by them .

I had so much fun ! And the best part is that I've made lots of friends and I also met my so called 'sisters' ( haha! ) , Kar Mun and Kar Yan , they are Angs too ! hahaha
I also met a punjabi friend , her name is Navdeep ! I was eager to know when I first saw her , I was like ' hey ! she looks like a Punjabi ! I must be friends with her ! '

& there's two boys/guys that I really envy , that is Han Lam and Christopher . They are really good at public speaking especially Han Lam. I enjoyed both of their speeches , it was very entertaining .

From Left : me , Sarah , Navdeep , Yi Ling & the organizer Shel .

That's All For Now guys !
* I miss Gossip Girl & 90210 !! *

Friday, December 11, 2009

Why am I always hungry ?

I ate my dinner at 7.45pm & I was so hungry at 8.10 pm. WTH right ?

Well . I've not eaten anything yet after dinner even though at 8.10 pm I was hungry , I didn't dare to eat , I mean c'mon , imagine if i eat , F-A-T !

ok , whatever. I gtg now , I gotta prepare a speech for tomorrow . I'm currently attending a Youth Leadership Program that is organized by the Toastmasters Division C .

Bye guys ! * urh , so lazy to prepare the speech ! *

Monday, November 30, 2009

No New Moon , disappointed

god...Taylor Launter is so HOT !

Amanda can't make it for the outing today so we decided to postponed it to Wednesday....I was so excited about it ! but...sigh....

So , since the outing is canceled , I decided to join my brother and my cousin's outing. We watched Christmas Carol , it was frightening . I get what you mean now Rox.

Don't watch this movie if you have watch other Christmas Carol movies.

and Now currently , I'm reading a novel call 'The Last Song' , it's interesting , I'm enjoying it !

That's all for now !

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Being Underestimate

I hate being underestimate ! urgh ! I'm a girl , yah but still a human being !

Today I trained with two boys who are 14 & 13 years old with a coach.After training , it's game session time.

Coach : ok , you two boys listen up , when you two play , you guys play FULL court ( singles) but when you play with HER , half court

* I was SO PISSED OFF ! why half court ? you think I can't beat them ?*

Me : Why half court ? why not full court ?

Coach : *showing the underestimate look* you think you can beat them ? fine , IF you can beat them then sure , full court

Me : It's a challenge I'm willing to take.

The game started , singles 11 points

I played with that 13 years old boy , yah i lose ! no doubt , both of them are REALLY GOOD ! better than me. I lost to that 13 years old boy because I made SO MANY mistakes , out out out ! damn , but whatever , there is always next time.

Then , I played with that 14 year old boy , yeap he underestimate me. He was like ' yo , you sure you dun wan to play half court ? girllll.....'

urgh ! then we played , it was intense ! 1-1 , 2-2 ,3-3 and so on.... then it was 10-10 , yeap we had to play extra two game points , then it was 11-11 , 12-12 , gosh ! when is this going end ?!?! But finally I won 14-12 . Though wasn't really satisfied cause when we were playing the 13-12 rally , I served high up the ball to the back and there was this bloody boy standing IN the court and my opponent hit him and he missed the ball . So that's how I won but it was quite funny though

Him : WEIIII , why are u standing HERE !?!?!?!? i lose liao you know ! where you want me to hide my FACE ?!?!? I lose to a GIRL you know !!! yoh ! you arh..!!


well , he's not statisfied so I made a deal with him by saying ' next week , rematch! '

hahha , it was funny. But it was DAMN tiring , thanks to my 2 months break. My stamina is SO SO SO down.I think i'm gonna jog every morning starting tomorrow. Yeap ! i must , to build my stamina up !

There's a tournament coming up , but I can't join. It's only for under 14 ! damn , I heard there was a tournament I missed last month. sigh.... nvm. I hope there's more coming up ! I'm excited for it!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm going to Thailand !!!

It is confirmed ! I'm going to Hat Yai on December 17th !

But I'm not flying ,I'm sitting the train. Remember last year I went Padang Besar I sat the train for 13 hours ? well , this year I'm going furthur which will take 14 hours. 14 hours sitting down in the train , my butt and back will be in a lot of pain afterwards. We did not book the room type cause is expensive. There's 7 of us going , my mum , dad , bro , sha , aunty usha , uncle kuldip and ME ! yay..!!! i can't wait..!!!! I'm going to have loads of fun and I know it.

We went Padang Besar last year December 22nd and this year is 17th , since is like that we are planning to do this annualy . This is gonna be fun !

That's all for now with me in EXCITEMENT !

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm definitely enjoying my holidays now !
-Going Seremban tomorrow ! !!
-Next Monday New Moon outing !
-Might be going Hat Yai,Thailand following week.( my mum might not take me cause nobody will be at home to 'take care' of my maid so I have to stay back because I've already travel overseas this year unlike my bro , he has not travel overseas yet so my mum want to take him to pay back the Vietnam trip.Fine I understand BUT I DON't WANT TO BE WITH MY MAID ! no! just US , that's H-E-L-L!)
-going to Genting !
-And of course last but not least my annual year end family gathering in PD !

ahhh, I LOVE holidays !

Even though sometimes is boring but hey ! it's way better than homeworks( especially if you're in upper secondary) . Well , I do miss homeworks and studying that is because I've not reach upper secondary. I bet I will not like upper secondary , so I think I should enjoy my holidays to the fullest while I can which left a month and a week ? Damn , time flies fast !

Anyway , that's all for now !

Monday, November 16, 2009

When You're Looking Like That - Westlife

That song is really nice ! Though I don't like the lyrics , i prefer Singaporeans changed it. Or maybe I'm just used to listening to the Singaporeans version.Well , they did not change the whole lyrics , just a few parts.

A girl sings this part :

She's a 5 foot, 10 in catsuit and bambi eyed
edited : He's a 5 foot 2 ,he's cute & he's just my type
(though I would prefer he's a 6 foot 10 he's cute & he's just my type)
Everybody's who's staring wouldn't believe that this girl was mine
(Everybody's who's staring wouldn't believe that this guy was mine)
I should have know I was wrong
When I left her for a life in pity
But they say you never miss the water until it's gone

& then this part

A Boy sings this part

She's all dressed up for glamour and rock and roll
Wanna squeeze her real tight get out of this place
Edited: wanna hold her hand &take her everywhere
If only I could take control

But she's out of my reach forever
And just a week ago she lied next to me
Edited : And just a week ago she was my girlfriend.
It's so ironic how I had to lose just to see
Edited:Such a pity how i had to lose her just to see
that I failed to love you
And you're taking it out tonight

Check it out!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wong and Lee are no longer together

Well , I knew they were not going to married and going to break up. They dated since they were 18 & 17 . Not surprise they broke up . 'There was no love for each other already so might as well break up as it will not lead them to happiness' said by one of them .

Mew Choo confirmed their split on Wednesday after losing to Jiang Yan Jiao of China in the China Masters.

Holidays for a week !! :-)

This picture was taken on Wong Mew Choo's birthday this year , 1st May 2009

Selamat Hari Raya to All my Muslim friends !

Sunday, September 13, 2009

h-a-p-p-y ! :-)

I just realize that I miss blogging , I miss typing long post...well this is going to be short post.

how many days to PMR ? I don't know but I know it's LESS THAN a month !
90210 season 2 is out , I've downloaded the first episode but I have not watch it yet , saving it after my PMR

Today is a SUNDAY ! yay...Sunday !! reasons why I love Sunday is because I have badminton training ! it's been 1 year , well not one year yet , another 2 more weeks , it's gonna be a year I've been training under my coach , Mr.Chan . Today was not just another ordinary training to me , I challenge myself that I've got to beat those boys(they are REALLY good , they are like professional) there was 2 of them.Usually , the last half an hour , our coach will give us to play games , singles or doubles , he'll decide. So today the 3 of us , those two really-pro boys and me , we were in a group . Our game was singles , winner stay , loser out 7 points(so the match is really short for each). First started with me and this bloody-good-at-smashing-boy. He practically smashed me the whole match , I guess I gave him too much opportunity to smash , so fine , he won and I'm out.So the two boys played their match and the same boy won the match again , then he said he wanna take a break, so both of us ,the losers played a match. HE won ! I lost to BOTH of them , I was pretty pissed off for the FIRST time . Usually I'll have the attitude of ' it's ok , I'm just a newbie , I'm meant to be the loser' but then after losing to the two boys , I just realize , I've been training here almost a year ! I'm not a newbie ANYMORE !

so I had a rematch with the bloody-good-at-smashing-boy . I won , I did not give mercy on him and he did not give me any . How I won the match ? it was basically his own fault , he underestimate me , he smashed me and I managed to retrieve the whole time ( wow , i guess i was really focused ) so when I retrieved it back , he was in total shocked that he don't know but he was suppose to do , HAHA ! I laughed at him , the look on his face satisfy me , why ? at least he knows that I'm not some rubbish bin girl who don't know how to play badminton.My match against him was also a total upset for those who were watching us to play because everyone wanted him to win and EXPECTED him to win as he was leading 5-2 BUT I manged to make it a tie to 5-5 and I won 7-5 ! yes ! I was really happy

Then , played with the other boy , I won too. But the match was really nail-biting. The score was 1-1 , 1-2 , 2-2 , 3-2 , 3-3 but thanked god that when I reach 5-5 , he made 2 mistakes in a row which made me win 7-5 ! yoo hoo ! I'm satisfied today as my the other boys look me in a different way , yes ! (I'm the only girl in my training centre , so yeah)

short post ? hhaha

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Selena Gomez and the Scene - Falling Down - Official Music V

This is her MV . I really HONESTly don't like this song ! but then I just kept playing this song on my MP4 that now I LOVE IT ! and I love the MV , she looks so pretty !

The song is a bit weird , it's a bit different . But I like it ! no LOVE IT now , going to off now to study now but I'll watch the video 1 more time ! it's so nice !

Saturday, August 29, 2009

FINALLY !!! gosh...

I went to Mid Valley today !

I know I should not go out and start focusing on books but I have objective for this outing , that is :


and finally ! I manage to buy it all !!!!!

the most difficult want to buy was TIFFANY NG ! Oh MY........!
I bought Yvonne's gift first and it was easy what to get her , I know Yvonne well so I know what she wanted ! and I KNOW she'll like it ! *confident!*

Tiffany's gift gave me a big headache ! I went shops to shops , thinking ? how tall is she ? how small is she ? it's been 1 week since I saw her , so it was DIFFICULT to imagine her figure . Buying accessories for her , but it was ALL GIRLY ! saw a BEAUTIFUL handbag ! but it's was PINK ! and she doesn't like it , so instead buying for her , I bought for myself ! it's really pretty u noe ! pretty pink ! but AT LAST , I managed to buy her a gift .

Amanda's gift was the most simplest !

and my budget for each of of them was WAY below my budget ! which I am GLAD ! my budget for each is RM 30 ! but ALL was below than that ! SO HAPPY that the stuff I bought for my friends are CHEAP and NICE ! I know my friends well , they don't care the price , they just think it's nice and pretty , then price is not a matter at all eventhough its RM 1 but the most important is that the thought that it counts

and as for Roxanne Chong , I haven't bought for her gift yet because I had a BIG headache for Tiffany's gift that I told myself I would get Roxanne's gift on the day itself . 13th of October , last day of PMR , right after the KH paper , I would head to a mall to get her a gift with her if there's an outing or not I would go myself and get her one . So Roxanne , sorry ! your gift would be late....because my mum will quarantine me in home until PMR is over .

That's all guys !

Listen to Falling Down by Selena Gomez and The Scene

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bull Fighting 鬥牛, 要不要!! aka Hooping Dulcinea


This is my FAVORITE scene...! how nice of him !

I also like this scene , sweet . episode 2 , I think

HEBE ! she's from S.H.E ! I prefer her in short hair because she looks more mature and prettier . like the picture above , she looks childish and cute which really suitable for her character in the drama .

walao........he's bloody handsome !

Holidays was OK . I am not suppose to use the comp now but I'm using . Haih.....41 days to PMR ! SO nearr !!! haih....

oh yeah , today is 27th of August . It's the day where I got all crazy about WONG MEW CHOO and it's also the day where I FIRST blogged about WONG MEW CHOO in this blog . I still remember !! lol...

August 17th - LCW got his Silver Medal !
August 13th - WMC crashed out in the Olympic Games !

I'm crazy......

HUI FERNN !! studyyy !!!!!!

alright , i shall leave the comp now .

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wizards Of Waverly Place : The Movie !

the trailer !

OMG , I can't wait !!! it's coming this friday in US ! ahhh...! I wanna WATCHHH !!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Losing Feeling ........

Wong Mew Choo just crashed out in Macau Open , watched through Live Score , it's a good thing it's not on TV or I will definitely cry .

The feeling of your FAVORITE player , the person you REALLY admire ! willing to do anything to support her , example like skipping tuitions , skipping family gatherings ( & many more ) and YET seeing that person lose . It's just ...... really disspointing .

I'm such a mega huge fan of Wong Mew Choo , I wasn't such a big fan for Stacy last time . I was just a big fan of stacy but I wasn't a mega huge fan like now for Mew Choo .

The feeling is just very hurtful , I do not know how to describe but it's just really painful . It's even more painful when you see her play live ESPECIALLY when she's playing with a player who is world ranking 40++ when you are seeded 8 .'s really....OUCH . It should be an easy match but yet lost....

I wonder what's her problem ......

sparring with LCW

it's time to shine again Mew Choo

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad Dies

We will miss Yasmin
We will miss Yasmin

Oh we are so, so sad. We have just learnt that Yasmin Ahmad has passed away. The 51-year-old director, who was known for her award-winning movies such as Sepet and Muallaf, died at about 11.25 pm Saturday night, reported Bernama.

On Thursday, Yasmin collapsed while making a presentation at Sri Pentas and was rushed to the hospital where she underwent surgery to reduce a swelling in her brain. She was said to have suffered from a stroke and brain haemorrhage.

Rest in peace, Yasmin. And thank you for all the wonderful commercials and movies you have given us.

man ! no more fantasic movies....M'sia movies sucks except that is direct from her(Yasmin Ahmad) is interesting , man...!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I just got back from the clinic , the doc said it was just a normal fever , harh ! I knew it , I knew I wont get H1N1 . But the doc was shocked when he asked me what sickness do I have, I said ' fever , cough , flu and also migrane ' then , his eyes was big ! he was so shocked and in my heart I was like ' hey dude , chill ! your eyes is scaring me ! 'but then after he checked here and there , it was just a normal fever.

I have to drink cough syrup ! urrrghhhh !!!!yuckkkk i hate that syrup ! pui ! pui !
evanna lynch as Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter , I like her , she's diff from everyone else from the film
Emma Watson , I love her British Slang .

I'm sick guys....

If you think I skip school today for no reason , then you're wrong . I'm sick , Fever , Flu , Cough and Migrane . Symptoms of Influenza A ( H1N1 ) ? yeah , but I doubt that I'm having that Influenza and I'm positive about it .

I had migrane yday while at school during English period . I told manda that I dun think i can stay back today but she was really annoying so i decided to stay . When I got back home , I was so weak , I had fever and flu and also migrane . I went to tuition @ 6 , the class ends at 8 but I coudn't take it anymore , I decided to go back @ 7 , once I got back , ate my dinner , took 2 panadol's and slept @ 8 . I woke up 7 am the very next morning , i would want to sleep longer but my mother said ' you've slept far too long , get up now ! and have breakfast ! ' I did not want any breakfast buy you know again , my mum FORCED me . ok ok !!

I feel completely weak today , I can't even watch a movie . When I was watching Princess Protection Program ( this is the 2nd time I'm watching coz the movie rocks ! ) , while I was half way watching , I felt my head is so heavy , so then I offed my TV and slept .

oh god , my fever is rising again ! urgh , i hate fever . there's 1 thing I'm proud of , I slept for freaking 11 hours !!! never slept that long before !!! so cool !!

Monday, July 6, 2009

it's been a while

It's been a while since I updated my blog , I think I'll update my blog right after my 3rd intervention! and i think that post will be staying there for few months .

anyway , upcoming post ( which I will combine all in 1 )

- outing with cousins
- Bro's 21st bday

and.................I can't remember .....! :)

anyway , I have few pics of my cousin and I wanna share with u guys !

AaAWWW.....isn't she cute ??

she looks like PRINCESS ! don't u think so ?
She's such a photogenic

That's all for now !

oh wait , installation . Might as well updated about that now .

President : Priscilla Francisca
Vice President : Nadiatul Diyana
Secretary : Sabrina Chua
Treasurer : Yuen Wei
IU Director : Jesse Lee
Asst. IU Director : Armanda Madynah
Community Service Director : Roxanne Chong
Asst. Community Service : Kimberley Cheam
Club Service : Sammi Chan
Finance Director : Chai Man Yee

CONGRATS to ALL !!!!!!
you guys really deserve it !

Congratulations roxie

Congrats sabby!

and you too Kim !

Have Fun !!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today is the finals for Akademi Fantasia , not a big fan for this season as there is no talent at all for this season . Today is the finals , I remember last year the finals for AF 6 , I wanted to go badly , I was praying and praying and LAST MINUTE , god answer my prayers....haih...those were the days.....

Friday, May 15, 2009

god ! this picture is freaking me off !

god....recently this picture was taken in Guangzhou , China in Sudirman Cup . is so creepy ! god.......