Sunday, November 30, 2008


I've never watched 3D movie in my LIFE ! and saturday ! was my first time ....

I watched 3D BOLT at Pavilion , 11.50 pm ! late huh ?

my holidays from 22 nov - 30th nov

22nd novermber
- went down to JB , fetch my bro and my couzzie up !
- slept around 3 a.m.

23rd novermber
- went to capsquare , first time ! well , its ain't that nice
- watched a movie , SatSri Akal , a punjabi movie . sweet movie ~ !
- Slept around 4.30 a.m.

24th novermber
- Cousin Belvinder came down coz she had an outing with her friend in KLCC
- studied abit (been forced)but my cousins distracted me and tell me not to study .LOL
- Watched Quarantine , 9.30 pm . one word , F-R-E-A-K-Y
- we heard our maid woke up , and we checked the time , its already 5.45 am ! uh-oh ! sleep girls ! but i manage to sleep at 6 am

25th Novermber
- woke up 8 am
- went to pavilion and KLCC
- slept at 9 pm coz we were too tired , slept at 5.45 and woke up at 8 ? well , I know some of u guys are used to it but ME , nop ! i'm so use to with 5-6 hours of sleep , not 2 hours ! thats toturing , for me obviously .

26th November
- woke up 8am
- went to NST for a course , the title is THE BLOG EXPERIENCE , my couzzie has no blog , so alot of knowledge she got but me , i got nothing , practically , they teach us how to CREATE a account in Blogger . THATs ALL ! boring...boring....
- Cousin Belvinder went back to Malacca , so left Nirel and Me!
- slept at 4.30 am

27th November
- woke up 11 am , then sleep back , woke up 2.30 pm . Wanted to wake up at 11 but then we said we wanted to pay back our hutang-ness of our sleepyness , so yeah ! it felt good....or else everyday oso no mood to do anything coz very tired....
- Twilight PREMIER !

- and I did watch Twilight ! yay me ! lol...
- chit-chat
- slept at 4 am

28th November

- Woke up 11 am
- around 6 pm , Nirel , my mother and me went to Royale Bintang ( its a hotel ) at Bkt Bintang ,
it was kinda a family gathering we had at there , 3 days 2 nights . Cousin Shareen , Karen , Mandeep , Priyaleen and baby Eric was there too ! so much fun !
- at night 11.50 pm , we went and watch BOLT , 3D , FIRST TIME ! so cooll...we walked to pavilion

I could recognize Miley's voice as her voice is DAMN kasar....( in English , rough ) but she's not a main character there , its just that they put her name there to attract attention from youngsters .

- movie finished around 1.30 , walk back to the hotel , around 2 .

29th November

- woke up 6.30 am
- Breakfast at Hotel , normal....
- walked to Lot 10 , Isetan , bought a shorts.
- went back to the hotel and had LUNCH !
- Lunch at hotel , CAN U BELIEVE IT ?!?!? it was my FIRST time at a hotel having lunch at hotels , I mean I've ate lunch before in hotels for weddings and special occasion but this time was a lunch buffet , so they put everything there and we just take wadever we want . TRUST me , I ATE LOADS , ya wanna noe y ? coz its my first time !! the DESSERTS was GREAT ! I had so much and i actually kinda force myself to eat coz they were so many things ...let see , I ate...
- Sup
- Asam Laksa
- few cakes and special desserts
- Waffles
- Ice-Cream

and there we this special dessert , dunno what isit call , I took TWO ! coz its delicious !
well , the reason we can 'afford' to eat our lunch at this hotel is because , we were sponsored by the government ! my uncle has some sponsors , GREAT huh ? so practically , we din pay ANYTHING ! hahaha

around 5.30 pm ,
my mum and me went back coz my dad is coming back from bangkok and his flight is touching down around 6.30pm and my father din noe anything about my mum and me went for this gathering so we rushed home !

7pm ,
I slept until 10 pm ,that also becoz my mum woke me up , my mum ask my dad whether we can go for the hotel trip , my dad said YES ! and my mum told me we'll have to come back around 1 something , she said we wont be putting a night there . and I was like , HUH ? why not ? daddy ! cannot stay there meh ?
my dad said , u wanna stay , GO LAH ! I'm very tired , wanna go , go larh !
my mum and me smile from ear to ear . YAY !

we reached the hotel around 10.30 ,
SURPRISE EVERYBODY ! hahahahahaha ! they were shocked ! ahhahahaha !!

we took a walk at Bkt Bintang , my gosh , that place never dies! even that day when we came back from pavilion arounf 1.30 am , there were still LOADS of noise ! w-o-w !

30th November
- came back around 10 am
- slept until 12.30 p.m.
- and i realize i had my badminton training at 1 , uh-oh !

and YAY back to badminton , 2 weeks no badminton and now i'm finally back . but then , it was SO TIRING , coz i have not do any sports for 2 weeks and now doing this and that , I was T-I-R-E-D ! when i came back , I slept AGAIN ! hahaha

7.30 pm
- WE'Re going to INDIA !
-Cheetahlicious !
- it was OK , but not as good as the 1st and second , in fact , i forgot the first movie ady.....

and now , I'm blogging !

This weekend was my BEST weekend of my life !
-watched a 3D movie
-had lunch at hotel , my BEST lunch EVER !

it a long post , i mean as in A LOT OF WORDS ! usually , I post more pics but my camera is at SengHeng , got problem ! so no pics , sob..sob ~~


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Malaysians and Celebrities....

These are the few celebrities who I really wanna meet..!!!

she's so talented..!!
she act any characters....

she can act like a normal kid in The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody
she can act bitchy in High School Musical
and she can act like a TOTAL nerd in P
icture This...
she looks fat in this poster....but SHE'S NOT !

I love her since Camp Rock !!!

She's SO COOL...!!!

Selena Gomez
yes...tell me something I don't know !

Miley Cyrus....yes...this girl too !
I've got nerve !

Emma watson ! I like this picture , but if she cover her boobs abit , that would be great! her !

and of coz there's some hotties I would really wanna meet !

Josh Hutcherson !!! ...
so hot........

he's handsome...
I can't believe he is 16 years old...

he's SO CUTE..!! his bro is handsome and he is CUTE...!
and he's 16...its hard to believe !

and OF COZ !
Nick and Joe.....

And These are few Malaysians I would really wanna meet !

WONG MEW CHOO !! duh....



and Stacy , well I've met her before , but not that memorable yeah....

and there's ONE celebrity I've met before............




There she is !!!! yay me ! london tipton ! lol......

anyways , TARA 3 CONGRATS SAM and VINCE !
becoz of the yeah . but nvm !

next is Wong Mew Choo.....

China Open 2008
( nov 18 - 23 )

and Mew Choo is OUT ady....

She lost to Zhu Jing Jing.....just now , around 7.55 pm....I saw the live scores.....

and Julia Wong , won over Tine Ramussen....I was like wtf ?
Tine Ramussen is ranking world number 3 and Julia is ranking number 26...yet she can beat her....

well Last Year's China Open , Mew Choo won !
this year , could it be Julia's turn ?

I see Julia Wong , she's soon to be the Next ' Mew Choo '
and I can see that Wong Mew Choo ,she's getting worst..... she's.....just........well , knee injury , she should take break la , if she don't she'll continue to lose and lose ...AND whats the point of losing ?!?!? take a break and when u come back , u'll be improved ! no pain , and u can start winning tournaments again ! well....

I love XieXing Fang ....she's from CHINA

If she plays with our malaysians , Julia Wong or Lydia Cheah , I wont support Malaysia , I'll support XieXing Fang ! hahah...
BUT if she plays with WONG MEW CHOO....
oh sorry XieXing Fang , I'll support Mew Choo !!!

I dun wan Julia and Lydia to be as good as Mew Choo !!!! yeee...!!!DON'T WANT !


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miley and Selena Rocks !!!

From The Wizards Of Waverly Places
I heart her......!!!!!

I wanna watch wizards of waverly places , I've heard some great comments about this show....
man ! I want disney channel !!!

C-U-T-E !!


this picture is nice....
Selena and Nick....

and this is the star from HANNAH MONTANA !

her latest album , Breakout

I love this pic...she looks so PRETTY !

oh I wish I were a superstar now....
its tough to get fans....UNLESS you're with Disney , you can get fans with a snap of fingers....


The Amazing Race Asia F-I-N-A-L-E !!

I just Can't Wait..!!! WHO WILL WIN ?!??!!?!??!

Will The Hong Kong Boys take it away this time ?

Geoff and Tisha from Philiphines ?? ( hope they get the 3rd place!!! please !!! )


it could be any of them....ya noe why ?

Sam and Vince : they are strong teams.....they are smart....
Geoff and Tisha : they are quite strong teams.....they are smart too....
Ida and Tania : they are NOT strong teams.....they are just L-U-C-K-Y , luck was ALWAYS with them through out of the race.....damn lucky la they they oso have the chance to win ...who noes luck is still with them ???

well , maybe geoff and tisha will win CAUSE...YA SEE....

Season 1 : they started off at Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia and the winner was ....?? A Malaysian team.....( Jor Jer and Zabrina )

Season 2 : they started off at Singapore...and the winners was...??? a Singaporean team ! ( Adrian and Collin )

Season 3 : they started out at Philiphines....and the winners are....?!?!?!? WE'LL SEE !!!

Here'a Another Convo with Xue Lin again , the TARA freak or should I say BERNIE CHAN's NO.1 fan !

Xue Lin sent 11/17/2008 10:14 PM:
Xue Lin sent 11/17/2008 10:14 PM:
as in AAAAAAND....
Xue Lin sent 11/17/2008 10:14 PM:
Wong Mew Choo ur KAI JIE ARH?
Xue Lin sent 11/17/2008 10:14 PM:
well... i see
Xue Lin sent 11/17/2008 10:15 PM:
because BERNIE my 'KAIJIE'!!!!
Xue Lin sent 11/17/2008 10:15 PM:
Xue Lin sent 11/17/2008 10:15 PM:
just joking
Xue Lin sent 11/17/2008 10:15 PM:
Xue Lin 11/17/2008 10:16 PM:
as in WAAAAAAAAAAITIIIIIING for my turn to take part in THE AMAZING RACE ASIA....
Xue Lin sent 11/17/2008 10:16 PM:
Ur future.... OLYMPICS!
Xue Lin sent 11/17/2008 10:16 PM:
My future... THE AMAZING RACE ASIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xue Lin sent 11/17/2008 10:16 PM:
Xue Lin sent 11/17/2008 10:16 PM:
now... u can post this in ur blog if u want
Xue Lin sent 11/17/2008 10:17 PM:
i give u FULL permission to
Xue Lin sent 11/17/2008 10:17 PM:
because got ur WONG MEW CHOO and my BERNIE la... haha!
Hui Fern Ang says:
hahaha !
Hui Fern Ang says:
Hui Fern Ang says:
I've been wanting to join TARA since the season 2 started
Hui Fern Ang says:
so , olympics is not THE ONLY WAN
Hui Fern Ang says:

Whenever I chat with her , I would definietly smile and laugh , coz she's SO CUTE ! she and her Bernie....the way she talks about Bernie.....I love her the way she chats with me ! its Hilarious ! seriously......YOU ROCK XUE LIN ANG ! btw , we both are 'ANG's , wait I've said that before , din I ? right ?

My dear Xue Lin....
Here's an Interview with Bernie Chan about her series she's acting , FRONTPAGE....go check it out..!

one of the poster of FRONTPAGE


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Joe Jonas and Emma Watson ? aaaww.....How CUTE....!!!! cute...!! Joe Jonas had a crush on Emma Watson...hehe...
well , I JUST knew about this , maybe you guys knew this 'thing' long time ago...
but I'm a not-so-updated about 'hollywood'

Not long after his split from Taylor Swift, Joe Jonas is seen with a new girl in his arms. Talk about moving on fast!
Joe is now dating Camilla Belle, who you might remember from that flop of a movie, 10,000 BC. It seems that Joe met Camilla on the set of JBs new music video, Lovebug, in which she also stars.


Friday, November 14, 2008

I got CURSED....

Thanks Sannieh ! for cursing me ! and guess whut ? it did happen ! thanks alot..!!

Spraint my leg while tkd......well , ntg serious I HOPE ! well , of coz not...!
the doctor said , if its still hurts in 2 - 3 days , come back and do X-ray check up...

oh damn la !!
I can't go for my Badminton trainings which is on Sundays....I think it'll take 2 weeks to heal...

and today was last day of school ! should not have gone to school so that this would not happen....

but well , it already has......2 weeks no god...

oh yeah my dad told the doctor...

dad : mau masuk olimpik ni !
doc : wah..!!boleh dapat emas tak ?

SWT..!!! Olympics is my dream..but tkd....nah....BADMINTON...! oh yeah..!!!

Last Day of School !!

School's out baby !!! oh yeah...!!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Badminton: Misbun ready to bring up talented youngsters

“To do this, I cannot wait for players to be promoted to the national team as how it is being done now. If I see a 14-year-old player with potential, I will make a recommendation for him to be brought into the national team.

I'm 14 !!! misbun...!!! i got potential !!! oh....come to sports planet this sunday ! please!!! chance lehh....

I wanna be just like them :

Lee Chong Wei....Get Into Olympics Finals...

Joining Olympics is every athlete's dream......

Malaysia's top Female Player....hopefully I would take over her place in future generation....* as I said , HOPEFULLY *

Julia Wong...Malaysia's No.2 Female Player....
ok la tu....! I oso wanna be like her , get into the national JUNIOR team....and if i suceed , hopefully I can get into the SENIOR team...HOPEFULLY...

Lydia Cheah , she is just same as Julia Wong but Julia Wong is better than her...thats all....


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I wan to blog more now...get over with that damn hair post...

J ,ME ! ME !!!!!


WONG MEW CHOO aka MY KAI JIE..... * i can see the future , just like RAVEN from Disney chanel * soon , she'll be my kai jie...oh yeah.....



WHY did I cut my hair ?

Good question , If I love my hair so much , why did I cut it ?

Answer : mum says I'm wasting her shampoo....

mum : If U want long hair , buy ur own shampoo

and DUH ! I dun have much money to buy my own shampoo and nowdays , shampoo is FREAKING expensive ! so yeah , I HAVE TO CUT

and my mum is so happy that my hair is SO SHORT ! .... yay for her

and i feel so uncomfortable , now my hair is damn light....its like I'm botak , so weird...yee..I dun like....haih...well...well...

new haircut ! hair is damn FREAKING SHORTTT!!!

I hate my hair becoz - its too short.. - i look damn ugly - i look like an AUNTIE ! - and i hate it !


- Ugly pictures ahead....

I wanna cry.....

NO! so ugly.....ARGHHHH!!!

Let's see my previous hair....

oh...take a look at that beautiful LONG...let me repeat..LONG.....again I'm repeating..LONG hair....and straight LONG LONG LONG hair....NO...!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna cry.....