Monday, September 29, 2008

101th post - Badminton Training

My badminton Training was ok...Din really had fun...well , newbie , not much friends .
and plus , my training , there's oni 3 girls , which is me and another 2 girls and those 2 girls just came for training like 3 weeks ago ? yeah...
and my god, a 6 year old kid , gosh , HE'S DAMN SHORT , his height is only until my waist and he's going for training , SO CUTE !!!!!!!!! he DAMN cute..the way he play ! hahahahahaha !!!!!

WOW huh , I bet is something like camp rock but its Badminton ,
I tot it was for MALAYSIA , but its actually US wan , CEH !
but it seems fun.....
how i wish Malaysia has this too....

oh yeah ,
Saturday ,
5-6 pm
-Played badminton with friends@Sports Planet

Sunday ,
-Badminton Training@Sports Planet

Monday (today)
-Badminton with my family@Sports Planet

not bad ...LOL
you know you love me ,
Gossip Girl

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hello !!! Long time din blog ady ! now I got the mood to blog !

thank god this week is a holiday ! woo hoo...becoz...I need TIME !

I need to.....

-Change my header coz it sucks to the max !

tomoro , Jenny , Sabrina , Yvonne , Li Wenn&Li Teng (maybe) and me will be playing badminton 2moro at Sports Planet !! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!

and Sunday , I'll be going for my FIRST badminton training ! YES ! I'm going for training !!! surprise huh ? well , I was , I can't believe my mum ASKED me , gosh...
I'm kinda scared for it , this sunday , 1-3 .
BOI , its a tiring day ...!

Saturday ,

9.30am-11am - Art Class
2pm-4pm - Tuition
5pm-6pm - Badminton with friends.... ( can't wait )

Sunday ,

9.30am-12.30pm - Tuition
1pm-3pm - Badminton training ! ( scared....)

I can't wait for my badminton training lessons and yet I'm SCARED ! so scareddd...!!!

let's talk about today , had tkd grading today , well SHIT ! yes SHIT !
I did wrong in my sparing , my kicking sucks , my taeguek , at the last part forgot to bend my right leg and AMANDA din COME ! haih...I burst into tears today..haih....well , what is done is done .

you know you love me ,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today 18th of September , A girl was born...
A girl named YVONNE LOW , She turned 14 today !
Finally She Joint the club !

me : eh , what to say to my friend ? today is her bday..
Cousin : erm...Full of happiness !! may be a FULL-LOADED bday ! hahhahaha !
Cousin : ooh thats her !! I think she should tie her hair more often , she don't tie her hair , she looks old , she tie half , she looks SWEET
Me: ok..will tell her that !!

VON ! hope u're reading this ! tie ur hair half more often !

I lurve u wifey!!
always have always will...
Hope u enjoy this day !
hope u wont forget this day !

ta-ta..I'm signing off , going to Pasar Ramadhan

you know you love me ,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

becoz u're stupid !

Yes ! I'm Mean because u're S-T-U-P-I-D !
and You know whut ?
I hate YOU !
Always Have....Always WILL
see ya tomorrow in school , b-tch !

new topic , this time about teacher !
I hate my PJ teacher , she sucks to the max !
I call her a b-tch !
i hope she's reading this !

Hui Fern

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Watch this video !!!

guys ! remember when lee chong wei received his silver medal for Men's Badminton Singles . Remember the background music ?

its DAMN nice , I lurve the songs !! i remember last month , ANY medal ceremony I will watch ( if it was quoincidence) coz I lurve the song DAMN much !!!!!haihz...miss it so much ! but i just can't get the MP3

nah !! LISTEN

Beijing 2008 Olympic Medal Ceremony Theme

its says its the 'Jasmine Flower' Muo Li Hua , its from that song . doesen't sound the same...I THINK , not sure !!! go listen to that song!!!!!!


tomoro got school , argh ! hate it !!

Mew Choo & Chong Wei !!!!

They ROCK to the MAX !! they are freakingly hell yeah CUTE !!!!
I remember last night I kept complaining y astro can't watch !
thank god today can watch , but they talk about their love story at the last 20 minutes...
bfore that was.....
about him , started training and blablababla....

Do you know ?

Chong Wei use to play basketball but his father stopped him .
Becoz he was getting darker and darker everyday , like an indian
so his father stopped him playing basketball and started taking him to courts to play badminton...
and thats how he started liking badminton...

PEOPLE ! got read newspaper anot ?!?!?

He is WORLD no.1 ! read today's newspaper (7th september 08) sports section. well , not world no.1 , if he can win Japan open , FUU-yohhh!!!

my couzzie is leaving today , *this pics tooken this morning , just woke up*

u noe...she suspected Appendix , pray the best for her..!


Saturday, September 6, 2008


yay !!!!

: )


wanna noe about their love story ?

Watch Tonight....(6th sept 08)

Astro AEC
repeat at 11.30pm

then 2moro(7th sept08)

then Monday (8th sept08 , 1 month ady beijing olympics)

ISH !!!!


Friday, September 5, 2008

Cuti-cuti Malaysia...

While the Hols , i went to.....

-Kelantan ( stayed there for 2 nights )
-Terengganu ( stayed for 1 night )
- Pulau Kapas ( 1 night )

5 days 4 nights , DAMN long , staying at hotels , wah...
On the way back to KL , ma siblings and I were SO EXCITED to go home..!!!
my mum siad....
' all mature ady , last time , dun wan to go back oso , now ? so excited pulak '

pictures do the talking...

1st day ! Kelantan ( 17th August 08 )

after 9-10 hour journey , we finally reach Kelantan ! went to the beach FIRST !

that calls , Pantai Cahaya Bulan , LOLLL!


on this trip , I was the so called accountant , I had to write down EVERY SINGLE sen we spent for this trip , mafan , we spent RM 2750.48 loads huh ?


Dinner , sadly i din take the pic of th restaurant , this is whut i ate , its kinda blur
u noe why ?
I wasn't concerntrating coz LCW vs Lin Dan's match was on...
OUCH , that night was really sad ..... after the match , i had NO MOOD at all...
went back hotel , then sleep

2nd day ( 18th Augsut 08 , STACY's BIRTHDAY ! )

went to sleeping buddha temple!

went there and donate some money

: )


then we went to a little bazaar , mua's mum and me

daddy !

3rd day ( 19th august 08 AMANDA's birthday!!! )

went to the musuem ! WAHH!! NICE LA
i mean outside , inside is about history!
but i like the concept !!
its damn nice !!
its....5 times bigger than the national musuem...!

I'm too young to diee!!

ma bro and me!

4th Day ( 20th August 08 )

ready to leave for Pulau Kapas , we had to sit the boat and go to pulau kapas , is an island...

reach there ,straight went for snorkling

tired , after snorkling , had our naps

evening , beach walk !!

3 of us , lurve this pic!

2 power rangers , one ANTM pose , LOLL

I wanna be in the pic too!!!

Jelly fish!

this pic too!! lurveit!

sand castle ! nice huh ? but we din build it , spot it as we were walking!


bro , mum and dad


aaww...mummy's boy

5th day ( 21st august 08 )

woke up 8 am , sit on the boat , explore the island

the scenery is simply beautiful!!

and then , 10 am , we left for KL !

almost 10 hours drive , JAMM!!!

ok , thats all!!
next I'll update about

-cousin's convocation
-night at the musuem
-time square ? maybe


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beijing 2008

ok , I noe I'm a late updater about Beijing Olympics , but still I'm gonna update about it ...

Din watch opening and Closing ceromony , watch a little for closing , i lurve the bus , great job !

and as for....

Lee Chong Wei ,

How Much Of .....


and Sacrifice u've been through ......

It was all WORTH it...!!!

I'll always SUPPORT YOU !!! Lurve ya !!
thx for getting Silver for Malaysia !!!!

and as for WONG MEW CHOO !!


Being the FIRST Women Malaysian to reach Quarter-Finals in Beijing olympics !!! I LURVE YOU !!! Worke Harder next time !!!

She's Pretty ryte..? i lurve her lots!!

hmm..Mew Choo , Gold ? lol

BTW people , this is Chong Wei's blog ,

this blog is own by him and his fans , so sometimes he'll blog and sometimes , his fans will blog ,
Don't believe , Check it out