Sunday, July 27, 2008


I'm so gonna BUY IT !! OH YEAHH...!!!!!!!

It came out on July 22nd ( tuesday ) But I knew it Yesterday oni...
Slow updates...BUT NVM !!!
The most important thing is I'm gonna GET IT !! OH YEAHHH!!!!!
I'm buying tonight !!!!


Monday, July 21, 2008

Kem Bumi Jati , Shah Alam

One Word , FUN ! so fun , damn ! no regrets !
and u noe who was the craziest and laugh-damn-a-lot person ?

Roxanne and Sabrina : Amanda la !


the anwser is JENNY ! goodness me ,
she laugh for no reason ......
once she laugh , everybody laugh coz the way she laugh is so funny...
hahahah !!!
it was peace and quiet , SUDDENLY , a teenage girl started laughing for no reason ....

P/s - the following things i'm gonna post it about Jenny and Jenny's Crush , Wanna noe more about it , read la , if not , Skip to the pics '

and then hor....u noe la...Jenny hor....she....had a C-R-U-S-H on one of the fasilitators , for short form we call fasi

so..... they were introducing the abang - abang and kakak-kakak fasi , and then amanda was like this guy is so cute , damn tall !
then i was like...HAIYO , amanda !
then when i look at him i said
' cha , that tall fellow looks like anwar la '
Jenny , Sathiea and amanda : YEAH ! like anwar la !

then later on , BEFORE they introduce the fasi-fasi , there's this guy said
' kalau ada apa-apa , boleh cari Abang Anwar atau Abang Hafiz'

All of us like ' WHAT ? Abang Anwar ? '
then when they introducing themselves ,
there's this fat guy , it was his turn to introduce , so he started like this
'Nama Saya Abang Anwar.....'

Sathiea and amanda : HAR ?!??!! WHAT
me , rooba , jenny oso laughed VERY loud

then everyone was looking at us , then that fellow said ' apa sal ? '
Amanda : bukan , kita pun kenal seorang abang nama anwar juga
all of us : Amanda ! SHUT UP !

then later on , that cute , tall fellow who looks like anwar , it was his turn to introduce ...
all of us was waiting , especially , me , jenny , amanda and sathiea

then he said
' Nama saya bukan Anwar , bukan hafiz tapi Sidi . '

all of us : say whut....? sidi ? what a weird name .....

then we were split in groups , Jenny and Sathiea was together , amanda and rooba was together , I was alone...huhuhuhu.....but at least i got Efa , the girl who made me laugh my a*s off man .

then each group had a abang or kakak fasi , then my group was that SIDI , but then suddenly
Kakak Ayu ( one of the Fasi ) , she said , thats not ur kakak or abang fasi , its just temporary
then she continued ....
'Now...I wan all the fasilators to come infront , ok , adik-adik , now , u have to propose to the fasilator u wan , u noe propose , like some people , girlfriend , boyfriend tu...' * she said in BM but I translate in english '

then before SIDI went , this few girls said , ' abang , dgn group kita ,bang ' then he said OK

then there's THREE groups asked him ,I mean propose to him , wan him to join their group , he rejected all but accepted

after amanda , shouted from far saying ' AKU JELOUS ! '

wth.....she's trying to let SIDI noe that she's crazy about him ...

P/s - our phone was taken by them coz for our safety .

YAU JEN NEE , oh my god...first time seeing her so CUTE , she said he so Leng Chai la !!! oh my god !! yer...I like got feeling for him la.... yoh.....'

well , the first day of the camp , she said ' yoh.... I miss X la , I wanna hear his voice la......'
Me : , tell me ur love story between u and X
Jenny : it was...blablabalbaalabalbabbabalbaab * lazy to type out *
me : so cute !

but second day of the camp , she was like ' SO LENG CHAI LA !!! yohh......yer...I wan my phone back , if i hear X's voice then I wont think about him....'

me : must take pic of him....

Jenny : DUN WAN ! then I'll think about him ! NO !


ok la....Pictures time , bored ady hor....?

Jenny with her apple pie and me

Sathiea with my MP3 and Asyiqin , its finger licking good....!

all of us !!! with junks!

I prefer this pic , nicer ! with food , u see la
got pringles , cheezles , chips more
APPLE PIE from Mc D ( we bought it on our way to Shah Alam )
Maggie Hot cup and more...


Rooba , jenny and Sathiea

Picture of Jenny and Rooba fighting , so Funny !!! hahhaha!!!
Jenny : I like to kacau rooba but then I'm scared of her


Jenny , the cutie

seriously , Jenny looks so MATURE and PRETTY without her Spectacles
well , with her spectacles , she looks pretty but without it , she looks EVEN PRETTIER

Jenny , Amanda and Sathiea . CLEO magazine

Legs with me !


Next Up Will be me camwhoring with Jenny

Jenny me n amanda

Me : *viewing the pics in the camera * eh u noe whut ? me and jenny look kinda twins , without jenny's specs ,

Sathiea , amanda and jenny : Mm-Uh !

but really la , I think we look kinda twins , espeacially this picture...


Cutie !

Jenny look so pretty la ....

Second day ! packing our bags that time...

Amanda , Iqin and Rooba

That brown pants is my favorite pants , I LOVE IT !
and I oso love this pic

ABANG SIDI ! , we actually took this pic from inside the bus

Jenny : eh...TAke picture la ! take take !!
Amanda : ooi ! Bring ur camera , i go take his pic

tada !! I wanna laugh when i see him in this pic...
u noe la...u noe....
anyway , dun focus there
enlarge this pic and zoom to his face

on the way back , amanda n sathiea

amanda nad sathiea

Jenny was kinda sad that time , coz when she was talking on the phone with X , we were like
' eh ! u noe ar...Jenny Curang on u !! She liked another guy ....'
Jenny : shut up !!!

X was kinda angry i guess , so...
she no moood lorr but then I manage to take a last pic of her and me , u scroll down and u can see

peepo in the bus

they were reading some.....stuff ?

TA-DA !!
my last pic with my Camp Friend , whichever camp i go , she'll go too , I mean so far...I've been , oni once i went alone .

Ok , back to abang SIDI , u noe hu isit anot ?
jenny's crush....
ok ?

when we went and hug and shook hand with EVERY fasilatators ,

Sathiea asked Sidi , she ask for fun oni she asked

Sathiea : eh , u have a brother ar ?
SIDI : yeah..Anwar...
Sathiea , Jenny and Amanda : WHAT ?!?!?!?!
Me : *wiping my tears , coz it was sad , that I'm leaving all of them and I joint in * jenny , Anwar's brother ?
Jenny : yeah !!

sathiea : Anwar Bin Asger Ali ?
*dunno whether thats his full name , something like that *
Sidi : yeah......
Amanda : u are a mix !
Sidi : yeah.....

then we left , We got the SHOCKED of our lives ! ANWAR's bro ?

Sathiea : I take his younger bro u take Sidi
Jenny : *forgotten what she said *

Efa : saya sudah dapat nombor dia....
Me : har ?? nombor Sidi ?
Efa : yea..Nama Kad dia
Jenny : ar..! pinjam sekajap..go see his full name whether isit true
Efa : tak mau !
we : ala , nak tengok nama je......
Efa : *Showing the card* Sidi , something zulkifis or what shit crap

We : LIAR ! stupid !

then later on amanda went and asked

Amanda : you Are Anwar's brother ?
Sidi : yeahh......
Amanda : Awak tipu eh....?
Sidi : yeah.....

All of us : a*shole ! stupid liar !!

Conclusion : He's not Anwar's bro , he's just some idiot look looks like anwar

Seriously , he is so cute !! , so like anwar , but now I think...nah.....

Amanda : u noe ar...this Sidi's voice, like a girl , like Waimin dei !
Me : yeah !! like a girll....but then Sidi's voice is more like a girl la.....
Amanda : have u ever though Wai Min is a gay ar....?
Me : sometimes....

u noe...I ate ALot of Junk food man...ALOT !! I mean ALOTTTTTT

after all activities , 11 pm , we din sleep , we ATE and TALKED until 1 am ,
and also Ghost stories , so freakyy...!!!! gosh...jenny ar...
She's the storyteller for the Ghost Stories ....but ended up , she was scared.....LOL

then 1 am , we were like STOP talkin , coz kena scolding ady ....
Then after few seconds we hears that , kakak-Kakak Fasi told us to hall and kumpul and WEAR SPORT SHOES !

OH HELL ! oh Shit !! damn it !! NIGHT WALKK !!!

all of us got a number , Jenny's number is 44 !!! she kept PRAYING AND PRAYING !!!
all of us oso kept praying , then later on , NONE OF THEM ( them means , Jenny , Sathiea , amanda and rooba ) cried , NONE OF THEM CRIED eECEPT for ME ! omg...bloody malu.......I cried , yeap ! I cried....

first they took me away from jenny and sathiea , then they put me with amanda and rooba , then amanda was treating me like I'm her sister ....

' Dun cry Hui Fern , DUN cry...I'm here , Dun cry...hui fern ! DUN '

then later on , I stopped , then this fellow come and weak our asses , u noe who ?
SIDI ! bloody hell !!

Then later on this guy said
' u wanna split up ? '
we : NO !
'if u guys split up , I'll take u a place , not very scary , if together , somewhere ...DANGEROUS '
WE : *thinking thinking *
Me : NO ! FRIENDS FOREVER , TOGETHER , dangerous , fine ! Friends forever....

then took us to that place and sat down.....

suddenly they took me to a place , started crying..and crying...... then got this guy do this ghost sound ' WAH....WAH...' oh no ! started crying more , they throw us banana leaves , stones , as if we are animals ....Then later on , I started thinking about my dears ! first I think about ma sista ! STACY ! then later on think about my DEAREST DARLING , JOSH HUTCEHRSON , DANIEL RADCLIFFE ! ok , no prob ady..then I peeped , ceh !! we weren't in the jungle , we were on the road , bloody hell man ! stupid....I thought we were in the jungle...shouden't have cry , buat malu je.....

Jenny: when u were alone crying , i was infront of u oni , u noe...
Me : whut ??!!

ADUMEK.....jen heard me cried....MALU nya........


there's this video.....we speacially made this video for Roxanne , to make her jelous , but I dun think u'll be jelous.....u'll be laughing !! hahahahahahaahha!!!

P/s - Rox , go to the link that i gave u , go read everything there .....

Ok , BYE people !

Friday, July 18, 2008

B*tches !

I hate my class ,
Never Once I loved ma class ,
Those malays ar....I dunno y they are so racist ....
they hate the Chinese and Indians ,
I dunno why ,
and that's y i hate them now SO MUCH !
bloody BITCHES ! bluek !
I can name u one that I hate alot , AFIQAH BITCH !
yes , I'm putting her name here , hope she reads it ! stupid bitch !
yday , everyone had to do a presentation for BM ,
so , those group who din do , they had to stand on t he chair ,
but thank god , my group done the presentation . started off , a malay group , teacher tell us to ask them questions after their presentation ,
I din bother to ask , coz i dun care . The others indians and chinese din ask too , coz they dun bother .
then later on , the second group , was .....
Two chinese , 1 indian and 1 malay ....
Kesian their group mann......
all the malays are hitting them back now , wan to balas dendam , coz they hate chinese and indian LOTS !
they kept asking and asking ....
they felt so pressure !
after the presentation , the two chinese started crying , they felt so pressure and lots of question they din anwser coz pressure ma ! and then teacher wanna potong their markah some more ....
so...haihzz...kesian....Next tuesday , my presentation , shit la ! my group lagi worst , 3 chinese and 1 indian , gosh , they going to hit us harder !
and I'm going to hit them back ! bluek ! BITCH AFIQAH !


OK , I'm done here ! gotta do my English Oral ! BYE!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today is ma BIRTHDAY !!
this is my FIRST and BEST birthday Suprise I've EVER had !!!
They bought me a DRESS !!
it cost RM 69 ! expensive !!!!
and that dress is so NICE and kinda SEXY

Jenny : Go back , take a pic with it ! I wanna see , very nice la that dress
Me : Ok ok....
Jenny : i'll wait tonight
Me : ok...

Jenny tak sabar-sabar to see me in the dress , so............ NAH ! here's the pic , lui lui .

TA-DA ! My FIRST and BEST dress , my FIRST wan u noe...from my friends ! thanks to Sabrina's idea ! thanks papa !

I got FIVE cards that day !
Thank you everybody !

me and my mum , this pic sucks ! but I like it !

ok...My thank YOUz to .........

ROXANNE ! - thanks mummy ! thanks for the chain ,earrings and also the cards ! thank you !! I lurve u lots ! thanks for coming to school too !! hahahaha.....

SABRINA ! - Thanks for making my day papa ! Thanks for that dress , that nail polish and the eye shadow ! thanks-a-lot !!! really , THANK YOU ALOT !! I have no words to describe my feelings ....THANKS ! oh yeah ! not forgetting , that card...its really nice...

TIFFANY ! - THANKS FOR THE CAKE !! ITS DELICIOUS !!....Mmm.....I LOVE IT A LOTT !!!!! How I wish I was a good baker as u...THANKS !

*this pic is f-u-n-n-y*
ROBBA ! - THANKS FOR THE CAKE AND THE DRINKSzzzz !! thank you so muchh !!! was so expensive ! more expensive than ma dress ! THANKS MAN !! I lurve u lots ! MUACKZ !

SATHIEA ! - THanks for the cats ! and also that necklace ! its reall niceee....I LOVE IT !! I really like the necklace , its really nice man !!! see ? i told u i love homemade stuff !

YVONNE ! - Thanks for wishing for manny times ? I really appreciate it ! thanks hubby !! Thanks for being there ! making me laugh alot today !! thanksssss !!!!!

AMANDA ! - THANKS FOR BEING SUPPORTIVE AND BEING THERE FOR ME ! thanks alot!! thx for understanding me today !!

KIMBERLY ! - THANKS FOR that thingy man ! bt dunno where to put leh.....

ASYIQIN ! - oh...dun worry , i'm already using ur present ! THANKS A LOTTT !!!

JENNY ! - THANKS for paying for that dress and being the model !! thanks ! and yeah , my mum accept that dress , so i wont be returning it tomoro ! :)

LI WENN ! - Thanks for paying that dress ! and also helping me serving the cake to everybody !! THANKS....lui lui ryte ? new family ady hor von ?

Let Me think....who else ar.....erm..............

VANESSA ! - Thanks for being there !!! making me happy !!THANKzz....

ABIGAIL ! - THANKS for being there and making me SMILE !

SHARMAINE ! - Thanks for being there and making me laugh ! u noe how u make me laugh ? the CUTE-ness of YOU !

Miss YOu lots Laila , ma sista ! hope u remember-ed my bday !

Ma bro CAlled me today !!! I was so happy that he called me though he called at 9.45 pm but I was still happy , i nearly cried , but my mum was there , so i controlled.....

Bro : hello ? Jo-ann ar ?
Me : hello ? yeah ....
Bro : oh...Happy Birthday
Me : *smiling widely* THANKS !
Bro : so How was ur day ?
Me : It was fantasic !
Bro : like how ?
Me : My Friends made me surprise today !!! it was a BLAST !
Bro : ur class la....
Me : er...Yeah ! * i noe that time he sounded he din wan to talk ady so I just said yes *
Bro : ok ,thats good . erm...pass the phone to mummy....

so yeah , i wanted to cry...but I controlled

I really had fun today , thanks for making my day today ! I'll cherish it ! thanks alot...I love u guys...thankss !!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hannah's Full Moon

I went For Hannah's Full Moon last sunday ! she's 30++ Days old ady...!!
her full name is Hannah Chan Jia En , nice name....
But sadly , there's no pics of her , forgot to take ...

me , before going

it was at the pool side and it was WINDY and I was wearing skirt , so I kept sitting down , dun wanna stand , later my skirt fly up .


NOW , Let me present u my NEW Pen-drive , I think u'll laugh , coz I laughed at it when I got it .

this is the bag of the pen-drive...

ta-daA ! its a Kung Fu Panda pen-drive ! HHAHA

I have to pull his pants when I wanna use it

we got it free , coz ma dad bought a new laptop , new printer and the fan for the laptop , so they gave us free . they said ' this pen-drive is LIMITED edition ! so , we are giving u for free '
I was like ' LIMITED edition ? WHAT ? I dun think people will buy lor '

Till then , tata !