Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last few weeks I went to 1U , my first time . WOW the place is so DAMN huge .....
and I went this shop , I wore a dress on , and the dress is so BEAUTIFUL !!! and its 0nly RM49.80 ! so cheapp !!!!'s the pic

My Cousins , Shareen and me . I LOVE ITT !!!
the next time I go to 1U , I make sure I'll buy this dress...If there is.....

Yday , went to school for some Interact Help out . After that , Amanda n me went to KLCC and Pavilion , boi ! it was such a funny day ! hahaahhahahahaha .....!

I lazy to blog , so the pictures will do the talking....

After Amanda Change her clothes

Amanda , In the Bus

We reached Pavilion !! yay !
Was lining Up 4 J.CO

J.CO Donuts

Back to KLCC , this was taken at KL Convention Centre , boi ! we were wet ! we walked back from Pavilion , my jeans was all wet ! amanda was wet to !! she looks so tired in this pic

ROXY ! Yellowlicious ! Take 1

Yellowlicious Take 2 ! This pic is nice ! but amanda covered her face !

Last Day Of Pic , at my dad's office

had a great day ! A funny day infact ! was an adventurous day !

Thats all people ! tata !

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I went for the conert yeah !!!
Before i went for tuition , I kept crying and crying that I can't go for the conert ...
then later on , when I just about to leave for tuition , I told my bro this ' wanna go for AF conert ? '
then my bro was asking , still got tickets and bla bla bla...
I straight way took up the phone and started asking for infomation !
aaahh !! can't blieve I met them !!!!
usually I watch this reality show , to me , its like they NEVER exist , coz I never get to see them but on TV , so this was the first time !! I can se
and the winner was STACY !! expected case , Nadia should get 2nd place but instead got Last place which is the 5th place .

*all cheering*

remember AF 5 ? Mila , the first female lady of Akademi Fantasia winner * before that was all BOYS oni * yeah , she was there too !!
Before the concert , there was this carnival , then she was singing , she saw me 4 times ! I counted !!! but she gave a BIG WAVE to my bro ! damn man !! my bro did ntg yet get a such a BIG wave !!! When She gave that BIG wave , i tot it was to me ! but then I look at her eyes , was the person right beside me , My Bro . Her expression to me was, she just smile ONLY ! but she did gave her cute look to me , cute !! dah la tu I have to put my hands up HIGH sampai aku letih ! then show that idiotic smiling face like I'm retarted or something .
p/s-her bodyguard is so BLOODY BIG SIZE !!!! so scared of that fellow man !

They dun allow us to take pics in the Conert , so yeah , no pics ! but then I got some pics , that I take at home after the concert , the stuff that they gave us and the stuff I bought.....actually din buy anything except for the ticket and the shirt........

They Gave Free Intrend Magazines !

TOI ! Ye Yer Aar jer.... !
p/s - I'm SO NOT a fan of him , his fanclub gave me free , so juz take lo

the ticket for AF FINAL !

Stacy Boleh !!
First I saw other's Fanclub was giving banners , BIG BIG wan , so i was come stacy tak ada ??
then 10 mintues later , there was this guy giving out stacy's BIG banners , i tot need to pay , so I was like dun wan la ! then after that , i saw him giving to the stacy fans , and the fans din pay , so I wanted oso . So I walk around him , hoping he will notice me and give me but THEN SO LONG I've been trying to get his attention BUT he din LOOK AT ALL ! and I got fed-up and went up to the guy and say ' bang , saya nak satu banner . ' then oni he gave me...hachooo

The shirt , RM 25 , told ya I would buy in any price !

back of the shirt !

I've been viewing this 2 sites for the pass 10 weeks ady......
nvr got bored with it.....


and Also to NUBHAN !!!! You rock too !! U did a great job for the final !!!

my comments for....

Stacy - You rocked girl ! u had nvr dissapoint ur fans neither the teachers
Riz - it was OK to me , but wah ! dapat nombor 2 !
Nubhan - U DID SO WELL !!! u should have done it for the pass weeks !!!! u deserve this third place nubhan !
Toi - U did well too ! I was so Amazed !
Nadia - YOU ROCKED girl !! u should get 2nd place , u deserve it ! but oh well.....

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I wanna GOO !!! I wanna goooo!!!!!
its TONIGHT !!!!!
I really wanna go...!
they are having a AF Carnival from - 10pm .
I really wann go for the Carnival , eventhough dun go for the concert NVM but i wanna go for the carnival !!! I wanna buy Stacy Fan Club Shirt !!! I want it BADLYY !!! I wanna buy no matter what is the price...!! I wan!!!!!!!
I hope Stacy wins !!!!!!!
I wanna GO FOR THE CARNIVAL AND THE CONCERT BADLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AARRGGHH !!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Exams ARE OVER !!!!

yay !!! exams are finally over !!!!! woo hooo !!!!!
can watch TV !!!!
Can Sing and Dance more in my bedroom !!!!
yay !!!!

'just beat it ! beat it ! beat it ! beat it ! No One wants to be defeated....showing how funky....strong is fight doesen't matter who's wrong or right , just BEAT IT ! just BEAT IT!'

I'm so into Beat it By Michael Jackson now !! aahh !! love it !

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sabrina's Birthday

Happy Birthday Sabrina !!!!
ALL the best in everything u do !!

Coming soon , my cousin's Birthday PArty.....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I WANNA CUT MY HAIR !!!!!!!!!!

Stacy From Akademi Fantasia 6 , I LOVE her Hair ! I wanna cut my hair like hers...nice ryte ??

some people dun agree but I dun care , I wanna have her hair ! darn nice !!!! plan to cut yday but tak jadi , today...dunno yet ....haihzz...dunno when my mum is free......


BM -it wasn't very tough , wasn't very easy and I'm hoping for an A
BI - Paper 2 was abit tricky , but its ok . I think i can get an A
Science - paper 2 was abit tough but I hope I can get an A
Maths - comments . I also I hope I can get an A
History - First 25-30 questions can do , the rest , tembak ! hoping for a B but i will get a C for sure...oh well
KH - hoping for B but will get a C or D . Maybe even a E haihzz......
Geo- Dunno yet , next week . But I hope I can get an A !!!!!

Moral - dun really care about it for NOW , but after PMR , I will care about this subject
ICT - I dun even give a damn about it . I left a whole page blank(1 page only ) , dunno how to do. .... Dun have the notes , I dun go for ICT classes anyways .

Thats all for now peepos !

Thursday, May 15, 2008

High School Musical The Ice Tour !

Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil
Ticket Price:
RM248, RM188, RM138, RM68

Date : 15 Aug -20 Aug 2008

15 August (Fri)-8.30 pm
16 August (Sat)-4.30 pm
16 August (Sat)-8.30pm
17 August (Sun)-4.30 pm
17 Augsut (Sun)-8.30pm
18 August (Mon)-8.30pm
19 August ( Tue )-8.30pm
20 August (Wed)-8.30pm

exams !!! Today we are having Maths , my target is an A for this subject .
haihzzz...I dunno what to blog.....

oh yeah !!

Happy Birthday Waimin !
All the best in everything you do !
and good luck on ur exams ! x 100000000

since you said u need L.O.L

ok , till now peepos !

Saturday, May 10, 2008



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Thursday, May 8, 2008


Exams are coming !!! aaahhh !!
There's a few subject I have some prob with ,
which is .....
-Science ( chapter 2 )

schools been fine , ntg activities .


Friday, May 2, 2008

May ? So fast ?

Damn Cute

today is the 2nd of MAY ! fasttt !!! Exams are coming soon !! May 12th !!! TWELVE !! May 12th !!!! aaahhh !! so darn early.............! oh no......

This Week aka Minggu Pestaka ,

I've Join few activities , example , English Quiz , Maths Magic and Also Treasure hunt .
and my pair was Amanda , In English Quiz , I was in the same group with her , Maths Magic oso same group with her , damn ! as for Roxanne , her's was yvonne , english quiz and maths magic , they were together , oh well , the nerds(roxanne and yvonne) are meant to be in the same group and the dumb asses ( Amanda and me ) should be in 1 group .

Today we had treasure hunt , damn easy la . The Task was all so easy , its an English Quiz Treasure Hunt . Coz its all about Grammar , piece of cake ! but we arrived te 3rd or 4th but teacher must mark our papers first , then we noe hu get 1st and 2nd , depends on the mark .

Got to Sleep now , 2moro have to wake up darn EARLY....!

oooooh , sabrina's bday is coming up ! what should I get her ?? hm.......