Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lee Dong Wook ! He's so HOT !

Lee Dong Wook ! aaaahhh !!! he's so hott !!!

My Girl , I love this series a lot !

I remember watching this series when I was Standard 5 , I had a big crush on Lee Dong Wook , I have a file of him , until now , I'm still keeping it . then after for a while , Daniel Radcliffe , then Josh Hutcherson , totally forgot about Lee Dong Wook . But now , they are showing 'My Girl' on 8TV AGAIN ! every weekends , 4pm-5pm... ..2moro is the final episode , I din watch this time coz keep forgetting , but 2moro , I MUST watch !! I din watch the last episode the last time ,oh my god !! Lee Dong Wook is so hot !! but guess what ? when Harry Potter 6 come out , I will totally forget about Lee Dong Wook , thats for sure ! aaahh !! so hotttttt.........

aahhh !!

he looks like a nerd !

anyways , I cursed someone so badly today . so mean ryte ? I cursed someone in my tuition...
well , 4 o'clock , time to go home ! yay !! so , there was this dude infront of me , he was wearing his slippers , so I wait for him to wear first la , coz mine is right behind his , so ok lo...then after he wore , he step on my slippers ! and his slipper is so SANDY !!!!!! when I wore my slippers it was so SANDY !! aarghh , stupid......he do have eyes , he has a pair of eyes , yet....haihzzz...I usually dun step on people's slippers coz after that person will feel very uncomfortable and will start cursing like me . but if u use ur BARE foot and step , ok la..... but NOT WITH ur slippers ! idiot !

Lee Dong Wook is so cUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Xplore Race

We Had Xplore Race yday , It ended around 2.00pm but then I went to class at 2.30 pm .
I lazy to blog about the race , so ....if u wanna noe more , Click Here

we kept running and running and I felt like dying . I was having sore throat and my throat was so DRY !! aaahhh !! so pain ! there was this task which u have to burp 8 times by drinking coke . So , Vanessa did it , she burped 8 times but din finish the coke , so sabrina took a sip , rox took a sip , then Sathiea oso took a sip , I told her I oso wan coz that time my throat was f*cking dry but she finished it ! aarrgghhh !!
then we headed to the gym , so I took my water to drink la then I realize my water was hot water coz my mum told me to bring hot water to school , haihzzz.........! then I ask from rox some water . it was better .

After the Race , I told sab and asyiqin to buy me a coconut drink . after 15 mintues oni they came , I tot the coconut drink will be tasteless but then I was wrong , it was sweet ! not VERY sweet la , it was ok ! I drank .....aaahhhh .......feeling so good .

According to amanda , she said coconut drink is good for the throat .

ok ! thats all !!!bye bye !!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What's Wrong With Me ?

The reason I went to Malacca is becoz my bro forgot to take back his car keys , he came back last week and went back yday , and forgot to take back his car keys . So , last night at 8pm , we went to Malacca to stay at my aunt's house and then today morning go Johor and pass him the keys . so yeah , But my mum and me din go , only my dad went to Johor this morning , so I was at Malacca and My cousin bought me the manicure pedicure kit ady !! and she also teach me ady !! but i need some practice , its ain't perfect yet , but Practice makes PERFECT !

What wrong with me ?!?!?!?!

last night , on the way to Malacca , we stop at some place and I started vomitting , really TERUK mann !!'
and this morning , I woke up , I felt full . I din had Breakfast . Then Lunch , guess what ? after I ate , I started to vomit , gosh.....what's up man !! and now , I just had my dinner , I feel like vomiting now ! oh god....What's wrong with me ?!?!!?!?!??! ahhhhhH!!!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Jenny !!

May your wishes be fullfilled !

oh my god...I'm so sick !!
just vomited ! and there's some green substances dunno wat the hell is that man !
and then my tongue became green !
yuck !!!!
I'm going malacca now but I dun feel like going ,
coz I dun wanna miss tuition 2moro
my tuition teacher is teacher Ratios 2moro , oh mian !!
anyway , i gtg now...
omg , headache...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fraser's Hill Part 2

The playground , Ignore the Chair

kirr , its a Punjabi Dessert . There's no english name for this .
It taste so yummy ! I lurve it !

I admit , I played this when I was in Fraser's

Mandeep singh ! he said that he wans to chop his hair...HAAHA . his hair is until is butt there man . Among all of us , ONI him follow the punjabi tradition LOL . He asked my mum this
Mandeep : Aunty honey , y u don't let Jason ( my bro ) to keep long hair
My mum : he's a messy boy....
Mandeep : nvm aunty , i can teach him...PLEASE.....
my mum : we will talk this in the morning okay ? now u sleep first....
Mandeep : okay....


priyaleen , this girl ar...if u tell her ' come ! take picture ! ' she wont pose infront of the camera , she will run BUT if u say ' hey PRETTY GIRL ! come ! take picture ' fuu....she straight way will pose ! so the magic word for her to take a pic is .....PRETTY GIRL !

Eric BOY !!!!

me !

Aunty Sindy , My bro , my mummy , ME , Shareen , Uncle Pola , sanjeev ( the red shirt boy ) and mandeep !

all of us !

me with the banglo

The Tara Singh's Children

Lastly , me !

Finally I'm done updating .
2moro Shareen is coming to my house again !
she's having a Bank Negara Interview !
yay !!!
Last Tuesday she had JPJ interview and this week she's having Bank Negara Interview !
Not Bad !
Ok , I gtg now !


Friday, April 4, 2008

Sports Day

Pictures do the talking la . and I think all of u noe the results ady , so yeah..

Kimberly !

Jacq !

manda .

me and Jacq !

I think this is Mei Yan, not too sure

and I think its Mei Ting , oso not sure...





I take you , you take me !

Sharmaine and Le-e

my twin sister

roxy and me

sab and me

my lui and me


nice banner !

I like this deco


I wanna pinch her !

and Finally I got a pic with Tiff