Sunday, February 17, 2008

17th of Febuary.....

49th ! going to step to the fifties soon !!
Happy Birthday and may ur wishes be fullfilled
went to tuition juz now , the Hulu Kelang's din come for tuition except for Sharvin , they are having their sports day today , so form 1s and form 2 were put together in a class . Mr Mano din come but he prepared work for us la , so we had english . Then we had A test , Science . I find Form 2 Chapter 1 ( Science ) is easy except for the Plants that part , arrgh ! hate that part alot !!
Mr Mano also bought a file , how nice . The Form 1s are so cute la , their attitude . haha , anyways , I'm out with topics , so BYE !

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2nd day of CNY ,

Went visiting ........ I got 36 cousin's ( my father's side ) , and I got 25 cousin's ( mum's side ) , My mum's side , I'm very close to my cousins but my father's side , oni 4 cousin's I'm close to , which is , Jane ,June , James and Joan . But I'm closer to Jane and June . James is 7 this year and Joan is going to be 2 this year , she's the youngest in the family . I have ntg to talk to that small girl la...

Went visiting , whenever I go visiting I'll be very blur , I must ask my dad , wat to call ar.....? then my father will say , ' this wan , 'La ko ' . then step into the house ' LA KO ! ' teruk hor....own auntie oso dunno wat to call , I just can't remember la , after go to the other auntie's house , have to call ' __ KO ' I oso dunno la , where else my mum's side , if let say my aunt's name is Rina , I call her Auntie Rina , thats all , thats y i can remember.....

3rd day of CNY ,

went visiting then had dinner at Mamak , I mum tried my Mee goreng , (my mum was sick ) so I tot I wont be sick la , coz ONE spoon oni ma...and GUESS WHAT? I'm having flu now . But thank god is after the celebration or else no fun.....

Monday, February 11, 2008

My SO CALLED ' Twin Sister ' came to my house for Sleepover

we baked 3 types of cookies and we camwhored . Thats all we did .

Say whut...?

here , We look alike but then when we open our HUGE eyes , we so don't look alike


Rawr !

She look so Mature !

Bawang Merah Bawang Putih

We so don't look alike

She Loves her teddy !

me too ! I love mine too !

Our Teddies !

Me:woe ! u look hot in this pic !
Abi:I know I'm hot !
Me:ceh....I know I'm hotter than you ! !
Abi:what ?! nuh-uh!
Me:anyways , I look cute ! Cute beats hot !
Abi:oh no ! hot beats cute !

and then we both started laughing

and then usual , we start talking about boys.....

guess what ? she thinks Daniel Radcliffe and Josh Hutcherson are cute ! I was so shocked ! yay !


Din Balik Kampung on the first day , dunno y.....just feel weird celebrating CNY in KL

Went To Bukit Tinggi , The Little Paris in M'sia


They are so like High School Musical , A guitar and that wat u call..dunno la and they can sing so perfectly ! their voice is beautiful ! so instruments only...first I tot they got some speaker or something but no....its only that TWO instrements , very loud.... cool man !

Beautiful castle ...

the plants...

The Reflection.....

Daddy , The Big Bully and me

as usual , Start Fighting

Mum: enough enough ! come ! take a picture together!


Mummy and Daddy...


Bro and mum . and me too ! that tanduk ! LOL

My bro : u do that tanduk oso no use , I cassanova tanduk or dun have tanduk , i still look handsome....
Me : pui !

Sunday, February 3, 2008


oh man !!!!! no ang pau's for 2 years , no celebration ! oh mian ... becoz last year one of my family member passed away ! man !!!! I wont be recieving any ang paus from my uncles and aunties BUT then I can recieve ang pau's from my friend's parents . so.....OPEN HOUSE ? ANYBODY ?? if got , invite me !!! I wan ang pau !!! LOL
BUT still , I can't wait for CNY , I can wear new clothes ( actually , I can't buy but then I beg my father for a week , then he said can ady...yay ! ) , I bought my clothes from F.O.S coz that's the cheapest place to sho and plus this year my budget is RM 100 father lorr....but consider ok la , at least I can buy new clothes .


I dunno y am I so happy eventhough I'm not Celebrating CNY .

I guess thats all ! byebye !!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

1 more hour !!! yesh yesh !!!!!

ONE MORE HOUR !! yes ! yesh !!!!
Abigail's arrival....

Waiting...waiting......... she's coming to my house for sleepover ! yay !!
she's coming at 4 pm and now is 12.17 pm . Haihzzz...long more time

y time pass so slow wan........

Paula and Natasha was elimited from the race.....

the Next team to be elimited is ......... one of the Malaysian teams ,

its either Pamela and Vanessa or Ann and Diane ( hope they kena kick out ! wakakakakakaka!)