Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What A Stressful Day !!!

well , today was a suckie day ! ok , first BM class , must take attendance , take buku ponteng . Then , my tatabahasa book passed away , dunno where it went . then collect surat cinta , suddenly I found out that I lost my friend's surat cinta , I was so freaking worried wei , coz today was the dateline to hantar our surat cinta . then find lor , find and find , it seems like the letter is running away from me , then when I came back , Anisa was telling me , ' oh ! hui fern cari surat ni ke ? ' I was like ' omg !!!!!! thank you VERY MUCH ! i love u ! ' then it was English , teacher go kill my grammar book , my grammar book lost liao . SHIT la , she claim's that I din pass up my book , but thank god li wenn helped me , coz she's the one who took my book and passed it up to teacher on Saturday . So teacher told me to go her place to find , so freaking smelly la her place then go to SAC room to find , dun have . So she said , u try finding , if not u just buy a new book . Then I asked a very stupid question , ' do I need to start from the beginning ? ' lolx....haihzzz......hope my grammar book will pop out la ! so much of exercise la if want to start all over again ...well...this is LIFE ! then recess , send the surat cinta to Pn X , then Pn X told us( roxy and me ) to help her something , so fine la . Then we masuk canteen late lor.....then have to eat quickly lor coz we dun have letter from the teacher ma ..... then after we were out from the canteen , Lydia kept singing , ' I like to move it , move it ' then I shouted ' MADAGASCAR 2 is coming out this year !!! YAY !!!!!!! ' then Lydia said , then this time is what ? ' I like to shake it , shake it ' ? then all of us start laughing then Sathiea said , if we still dun go for Moral Class , Pn Y will shake it for us . then all of us rushed back to class . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA , then Science lor , the whole class kena denda coz all of us din finish our Science Homework . Then Mathematics , Hate this teacher la . What is important for him la ! he said , this wan not important , dun nid to learn , this wan oso not important , dun nid to learn . What is important ? huh ? and then Rooba arr....she took my Maths A book back home coz she dunno how to do , she borrow my book , guess what ? she din bring the book today . HAIHZZZZ.......

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cross Country !

It was fun , I had fun !! well , Amanda , Sabrina and Tiffany was far behind . Lydia , Abigail and me ran together . When we were tired ,we started walking and sang , Hot by Avril Lavigne . coz the weather was so HOT !! When we just started running , when teacher say GO , amanda pushed everyone , she was like go go go !!! then she was infront of me , then I run run run , all dissapear ady , left abi , lyd and me . run run run , reach school , Rooba was giving us water , she din run . She dun wan to run coz she feel very malu , coz she's a bit big so she feel very malu ,so what ? haihzzzz......
ok then , it was penyampaian Hadiah . After that , STUDY ! new rule , haihzzzz . Had Maths and English , then We got our surat cinta which is from the Japanese , My Japanese friend is Aya Moriizumi , she's seventeen and she's not single . then go home and had tuition !!! I slept at 8pm , early huh .

woke up 8.10 am , went to the market , ate my breakfast and then off I went to tuition . Tuition was pretty boring today . and after tuition baking time !!!!! then I did my homework , then ONLINE ! then off , continued my homework and now BLOGGING !

2moro got assembly , haihzzz . HM going to take the list of form 1 and 2 and start picking names and ask wat did she talk last week . haihzzz , so mafan ! need to have a catatan book , and have to catat everything . It started last week , haihzzz .....rules rules rulessssss...!

Monday, January 21, 2008

I find this 2 pics make me look very old

Sha , Me and Nicole . Getting ready for the Party in Malacca

the rest of us at the Party , can u spot a cute guy ?
I can spot one ! its easy , With glasses , green shirt . he is so cute wei !
Find this girl !!!

If yes , call : 0379662222/999 (Police)



school ! again....Homeworks !!! so much !! this Wednesday is a HOLIDAY ! woo hoo !!! yay !!!!

school'e been normal , met a lot juniors . Tuitions been ok .....o yeah !! my art class , remember my art class center close down ady ryte ? my art teacher was actually my bro's kindtergarten teacher , and she also lives near my house , so now, she'll come to my house to teach me art , i really need to learn art wei ! my art sucks like shit ! so Every Saturday , 8.30 am ( so early ...!! ) 8.30am till 10.30 am. Dunno wat to blog la .....


Thursday, January 10, 2008

School ..!!!

on Monday, was our pendaftaran koko. well , amanda was freaking happy coz she is dying to join Interact club . I sign up for , Taekwando , Interact Club and Chess . In fact all of us did , Roxanne , Tiff , Sab , Amanda , and Sathiea ( yes , I finally got back with her ) so....when I was Q-ing up for signing up Interact Club , Sathiea was like , ' this is a Tamil club la !' I turn and see and yeah , I was so shocked ! all the indians was Q-ing up for Interact Club , hm...not bad ! and then sign up for Taekwando and then for Chess .

On tuesday , I met a lot of juniors ! all thanks to Sathiea , When I came into the canteen , Amanda and sathiea was talking and laughing at the Junior's table so i went and join in too ! there's this girl name Alia , she's an indian , GOSH ! she talk so MUCH !!!!! worst than me wei ! only the 4th day of school , she talk so much ady ! my gosh !! she is so much worst than me , amanda and sathiea man ! then this SHY girl name Abigail , different name . she looks like ARIKA !!! SO SO SO like Arika , is like Yvonne and Michelle man ! so alike !!!! some say I look like her , of coz i look like her , she's my cousin ma ! haha ! ok , cut the crap ! she's from Sarawak, she's Pretty , TALL !!! and also good at sports . and sathiea is so crazy about her , its only the 4th day of school , she's asking her phone number .

we also had Mesyuarat agung for each club . Interact Club , We chose the Form 1 rep which is Abigail and Lydia . Form 2 Rep is Sabrina and Asyiqin . * and yeah , we were very noisy in that meeting . * then Chess club , again we were the noisiest , biasala , our mouth canot shut wan . Then Taekwando , all of us shut our mouth and listen to the others , we dun even dare to raise our voice . lolx

I guess thats all ! bye ! watching The Game Plan tonight ! yay !

p/s : I'm not Abigail's Cousin

Saturday, January 5, 2008


I visited there recently ... Believe it or not ? I went there !! its.....'NICE' * its not THAT nice la *
it doesen't looks very nice anyway . its broke down anyway the wall , me and my cousin went and ruin it ! hahaa! evil us ! u guys woulden't believe ryte ? we broke the great wall of china , ryte ? well , believe it or not , We BROKE it ! LOL !

but actually , we went PD . We build the great wall of china and we destroy it . so thats y ? LOL

p/s : I've nvr visited the great wall of china k ? I nvr sat a plane before too !
1st Day Of school .....

normal , met my friends ... I din really miss them though , I met Tiff at the school gate , I just smile at her and Yvonne was like , HUI FERN ! I miss you !!! then she hug me( and I was thinking , we just met that day and now u miss me ?) .... then when I came to the canteen , I saw rox and manda , they just laugh when i came in , I have no idea . Then we start to chit-chat la , then sab came , she hugged me too . boi ! almost everybody miss their friends except for me . and then school starts , got our textbooks and start picking the AJKs .

2nd Day of school...

I really observe the juniors this time ! they are so CUTE !!! at least cuter than 2007 wan . so CUTE ! all so short and so FAIR and CUTE ! Kecil - Kecil Cili Padi la ! so cute !! so far I just knoe Rachel and Pinky ( wat a CUTE name is that ! ) Rachel .... she's talkative like me . Pinky ...? din really talk to her .

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

10...9....8...7....6...5...4....3.....2....1...!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!
hug everybody , then the cousins gather together and took out our hp and 1...2....3 !! start calling their bestfriends/boyfriends/girlfriends and wish them HAPPY NEW YEAR , thats wat we do ! haha , fun fun !! 2moro .....the horor begins !!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year !! 2008 !!!

Went Pd on 30th , came back today ! we did activities yday before new years , the MC for this gathering was my bro and Nirel , its actually either me or nirel , wanted a girl and boy , they finally choose Nirel , a sigh relief from me , i see Nirel stress wei ! she kept telling me , die la die la ! lol...BUt next year is my turn but I'm going to do with a kid , a kid which 4 years younger than me , yeap ! coz I have no more pairs ...... ok , we played 2 games , 1st was, AIYOH ! Ping Pong Piang ! second wan was , Cap Cali Cap Cali Cap Cap Cap , remember this game rox , amanda and sab ? our orientation time .... so the 1st game its all about listening , i dun wan to explain it here , so ....whoever say a word WRONG , they use flour and water to attack that team but then we bath and everything ady , so we decided to use Masking tape ! TERUKnyaa !!
Rachel Heera ! u're so meann !!!

My team , First OuR team called , Khadazan
then it call ' Osama Bin Laddin '
this wan ar , Uncle ! u look so......
and NIrel ! hhaahaha!!

First it call Brazil then it call Sheikh G........dunno wat isit call la !
Kevin...! teruknyaa ! and also Sanjeev ! HAHAHAHa

this wan , first was ------ forgotten then it was Mohan Singh

this was first Germany then Ana Shishuanga , so hard to pronounce ! very hard to attck this teamm !!

oh yeah , Sanjeev rite , he went Shanghai nad play football , bloody lucky la ! but then he lost all mtaches ! HAHAHAHAHA !so mean la me ....

oh yeah , I played football too !!! its so FUNN!! hahahahahaha !! my team won !!! 14-12 ! yay !!! though I did push people down , not purposely !!! They purposely fall wan ! My elbow kena them oni , they jatuh and then start with the soud la ...' oucchhh !! my stomach.....! ' and then dunno wat card will come out la , haiyo! !!! cheaters ! but we won !! each team got 3 person oni..! HAHHAHA , small group oni la, 3 girls againts 3 boys and the girls won !! uh-huh...yeah !!! lol....but my mum scolded me for sweating like a pig .