Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Padang Besar part 2 !

2nd day was pretty boring coz Padang Besar is so boring except for shopping , we went shopping and we bought nothing coz we rob the shops on the first day . seriously , on the first day , we bought LOADS of stuff , its like we bough the WHOLE market but the 2nd day....ntg....

*its not real , we were posing , look at out feet*




what a vain mother.....

mum : *wearing the sunglasses* how do i look ? I'm wearing PRADA ( pirated obviously ) take some pictures and put in ur blog !
me : *snaping her pic*

5pm , the train came ! and we left

having dinner in the train * we packed from padang besar*

sleeping time

last pic !

they have a canteen in there , all of us bought a milo before we slept .
and do u noe , its freaking expensive man !

twisties : RM 1
Friend Rice : RM 6
milo : RM 2

and there LOADS of expensive stuff but i lazy to type . EXPENSIVE right ?

Thats all for now !!

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Padang Besar !

Updating about my Padang Besar trip ! Padang Besar is the TOP of Perlis . It was a 13 hour Train Ride ! GOSH....... because Padang Besar is the second last station , after Padang Besar Station , its Hat Yai which is located in Thailand . We want to go there but then my bro dun have a passport , so we can't go to Hat Yai , THAILAND ( out of m'sia man !!! ) out next train trip is to Hat Yai , Thailand which we dunno when are we going , I'm willing to sit the train for 15 hours ( need Xtra 2 hours to Hat Yai ) , ya know why ??!??! Cause its OUT OF M'sia baby !!
ok , here are the pictures !

Ready for Departure !!!

In the Train !

This is how the train looks like ! we took the LOWEST class seats coz we were poor but if we were rich , we would have take the beds wan

YAY !! I see the SUN !! it was 6 am ! I can't sleep AT ALL !! so I was like , have we reach there ?!?!? but it then there's still another FOUR more hours ! gosh...FOUR ! was 8 am !!! 1 more hour !!! yayyyy!!!

and it was COLD in the morning !! so COLD ! But when it was night around 9-11 pm , it was SO HOT ! but it the morning it was COLD..!!!!!!

morning sunshines !

had breakfast , thats our nasi lemak ! so small but its breakfast !

my bro and I

its Thailand Number Plate , the people in Padang Besar are Mostly Thailand people . almost all of them were THAI .

this is the resort we stayed it . I think there's only ONE room which was the one we were staying coz we can't find other rooms , my cousin and I were figuring out where they build their rooms besides the one we are staying . Padang Besar is a small town , NOBODY goes there for Holidays . very SELDOM , thats y they oni have ONE room and this is the ONLY HOTEL in Padang Besar , can you beat that ?

TIME for shopping ! its like a market , its the only place to shop ! I love this place !
I bought a dress it cost RM 35 and then bargain till RM 26 ! HAHA , CHEAP ! bought a Nike Tee
RM 25 , after bargaining RM 20 . Bought a bath robe , it cost RM 20 , BUT

Mum : bagi la RM 15
lady : tak boleh , RM 18 la
Mum : Kurang la
lady : Rm 16 la
Mum : *walked out*
Lady : *shouting* ok ok la ! Rm 15 la !

LOL....ya noe why she gave us RM 15 ? coz we were the FIRST customer ! so I guess she needed money BADLY , so she gave us Rm 15 . kinda pity that lady coz she need the money so badly .

trying out some sunglasses

nerdy jo .
Cousin Sha : you better don't wear spectacles , you look like a nerd !

TOTALLY AGREE ! so nerdyish

meet the COOL guys


shopping !

Lunch ! my Nasi Goreng Ayam , unique huh ?

Dinner ! coconut drink!

we had fruits , look at that picture , its like some cat came and crash everything but it was US . Lol


3 typed of fruits , longan , orange and Jambu

we went for a walk

I like this picture !

END OF DAY 1 !!! I will continue the 2nd day 2moro ! tata ~~

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