Friday, December 28, 2007

My Dear Cousin , SHAREEN KAUR !!!

Since June 07 , she start wearing spectacles , coz she keep studying for her SPM she went blind......and she doesen't look nice ! let me show u the pic....

this is her without spectacles

and this is her with spectacles ...

but then she still looks pretty ......

Christmas Tree at Cititel

I like cititel but I hate the rooms , its kinda small

Maid For Rent , RM 8.OO per hour ...swt !

Laksa Shack in Queen'sbay , its nice but Penang street wan is nicer

I met this cute girl in queen'sbay

my plate , banjir ady....the shop called ' LINE CLEAR '

Us at 'Line Clear'

At Night all the uncles and aunties went to Batu Ferrigi with my cousins except for the girls ...which is , shareen , Belvinder , Rachel and Me on the TV , and Harry Potter 4 was on TV , so we watched .....after watching we off it....nothing to do ....then we started to camwhore , all is Bel's and Rachel's idea , me and sha was so not in the mood but later on , got mood

Bel and Rach

Jo and Sha

Bel and Rach

Sha and me again !

bel and rachel again....

us again...I like this pic !

breakfast !

me , Jason and Shareen

dun play play in penang street !

we were taking picture of this stall and there was another guy taking picture of us...weird man that guy !

at the hawker stall , the uncles and aunties

Jason and Bel

Shareen and Kevin

The hawker stall....a lot of memories , funny wans .
its like this , me and my cousins sit in 2 table and my uncles and aunties sit in 3 tables la then my uncle was like , whatever u guys order , tell them money at this table , we were like okok...
then the food come , they were like , Rm3.20 and we said , sana ! then that guy blur ady...he said , saya ambil duit ..... then we said , ,ambil duit dekat sana ! then oni he understand . everytime we need to say like that , so fun ! we eat and eat , the adults , pay and eat

bel !

wah...! kevin...slow down man !

next wan ...Malacca !!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A trip to Penang is never complete without Cendol

outside sunway hotel...yumm !! the FOOD!!!

at the bus station , going to queen'sbay , can't walk there coz its too far...sit the bus need 30 if walking need 2 hours.......

mybro and my cousins , sha . the SUPER DUPER long 'roti tissue'

I'll post somemore pics but now i gtg , its dinner time and plus got tara later...cannot MISS ! tata people !

p/s - rox ! i gt u a present adyy !!!

had loads of fun at PENANG ! and MALACCA !!!! so so so much fun !! this sun going to PD for my family gathering !! going to meet ALL my cousins !!! yay !! FUN FUN FUN !!!!

Penang .......

1st day .....
6am , mummy shouting at my bro , uh-oh , die ! i straight way wake up so as my cousin , scared scared adyyy......reach Penang around 2pm , then lunchy oh lunch !!! where ar....?? oh yeah ! beside The Cendol shop , yumm.....all of us had asam laksa & cendol ! my uncle had 5 bowls of cendol...goshh.....I can't even finish ONE ! then dinner , Sunway Hotel Hawkers and it was RAINING !! so...not much people then we had to walk from sunway hotel to cititel , damn far wei , raining somemore ! everyone was sick except for me and my cousins..

2nd day....
EVERYONE was healthy fast !! breakfast , indian as usual then lunch , we had at the shop call ' LINE CLEAR ' my gosh....que so LONG....and the rice is SO MUCH !!! tell them to put separuh but still got SO MUCH rice !!! cannot finish....and everyone's plate all banjir ady.....seriously , almost every plate got 2 BIG chickens , coz we were SO HUNGRY so we all took two , then vegetables , curry , banyak gilaa !! then we went queen's bay..... the cashiers are useless malaysians man....they dunno how to speak english , they are some americans over there , they dunno how to explain to them until my mum need to explain to the cashier wat are they talking about ......swt !dinner , sunway hotel hawker agn.....and obvoisly we had cendol

3rd day....
breakfast , indian cousin ordered ' roti tissue ' and u noe how long is the roti tissue , almost until my waist there , so LONGGG !!! i'll post the pics . then BYE BYE Penang !

the followed my cousin back to malacca , my family back to kl except for me......will post pics post !

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Last Friday I watched ' Zathura ' , had that DVD 2 years ago , now oni I'm watching and also that is how I realize that JOSH HUTCHERSON is so bloody CUTE !!! but he's not single , he's girlfriend's name is Shannon Wada ,I do agree that she's pretty and sweet .
man....he's birthday is October 12 , 1992 . 2 years elder than me ! got chance wei !! *you'll nvr know , anything can happen ! *

Tell me he is SO CUTE !

he looks 'cool' in this pic

he looks so cute.....

this is Shannon Wada ! lucky grrrl !

aaawwww...HOW SWEET ! *damn!*

;OEf:ASdfnzar;gjae fn.dkanfmfvjk!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

listen my blog song , Bad Day by Alvin & The Chipmunks , VERY CUTEE !! the voicee !! listen yaaa

and omgg...

I just Found out that Alvin & The Chipmunks was a cartoon movie ( last time la , 1983 ) ,last time I love this movie!!!!!! this cartoon movie !! and now is a Movie , not cartoon wan ....

here is some pics ...

Cartoon wan...

I think most of u guys remember this cartoon .....

remember a not ?

The movie....

the movie wan , not reli cute la if u compare with the cartoon wan

My bro was telling me about the Alvin & the Chipmunks was a cartoon then I tot he was joking i said , funny !!!!
my bro : reli la ! u come and see the pic
me : yeah hor !!! this cartoon !!! i remembereddd !!!! so cutee !!

now come and think about it , I prefer the cartoon wan ........

Monday, December 17, 2007


yesterday i had a X'mas party , was good ..i swam , yeah cousins , so long din see them , dunno wat to talk to them but ended up we are talking about indians ( its a tradition , since year 1999 , we've been talking bad & good about indians ) and then malays ( well , we do too but more on indians ) and chinese too ( we talk more on indians and chinese even though we are chinese , just hate some chinese ) then.......we ate and ate and ate , sang and sang and sang and then X'mas presents time !! I GOT a flask ( wth ) and a B.U.M Equiment watch!!! so cool !!! thats all i got ........ and today sunday , shud go to Ikea but then something cam up and 2MORO !! i can't wait !! yvonne , armanda and me are going to Pavillion to have a movie marathon , cool !! 3 of us onlyyy ! haih.....wish that roxy and amanda can make it ...buT.....nvm !

Friday, December 14, 2007

Marc and Rovilson ,

Marc is so darn cute !!!!

look at this convo ,

没力气再想你了。。。 says:
u noe whut ?i got to say marc is SO FREAKING CUTEEE
R O X Y says:
yeahhhhhh i noe..
R O X Y says:
when he was in the mud, his body... woooooo hott man
没力气再想你了。。。 says:
i so so so so fell in love with the mud boy
没力气再想你了。。。 says:
hott meh ?
R O X Y says:
and when tht time, ooh i notice his gorgeousness
R O X Y says:
his body, muscles..
没力气再想你了。。。 says:
i noe his MUSCLES
没力气再想你了。。。 says:
yeshh !!
R O X Y says:
wowoowwwww !
R O X Y says:
yea, he's a model !
R O X Y says:
rovilson... is...........
R O X Y says:
没力气再想你了。。。 says:
he ok la , not bad la
没力气再想你了。。。 says:
R O X Y says:
marc, baby where'd cha get your body from ?
没力气再想你了。。。 says:

Here are some pictures

he is so cute


2moro I'm having a Christmas Party ( dinner ) at my cousin's house !! pool!! pool !! yay !! Rachel , I'm ready to push u down !!! * i owez bully her but now no more ady , malas to bully la , she keep complaining to my mum and then i kena scolding * so as usual , this time my cousins can't make it BUT Karen and Nirel , they ae making it !! yay !!! The last time i saw them was june 1st . man !! i miss them and i found out something though , all my elder cousins , they actually got talk about me , Karen and Nirel . My cousin told me that when i'm with Nirel , I'm a total brat , an annoying brat . then she said ' u see , nirel is 14 going on 15 and she doesen't act like a 14 , she acts like a 9 year old , she got the girls school mind , her friends . ' i said ' owhh.... i see , i guess guaa...sometimes she do act too over ' hmmm.... since i was std 1 - 6 , my cousins have been kutuk-ing the gIrls school , well me too ! until now i still kutuk those girls school even though i'm in a girls school , but now less la , my cousins dun talk to me about the girls school anymore but I WANNA hear !!! coz its reallly interesting ! xD

o yeah last day memory class and also my last day at there coz that place is closing down ! I was like , what the shit ? i oni went for 4 days of art classes , i remember i had so much trouble , every friday night , i'll be like , oh.. pls...time pass slow...(coz i'm scared of art ) and then now , i've been going there for a month ady , 2 weeks handicraft and 2 weeks memory class and now I'm not scared at all ! I'm alll set , not scared of teacher anymore BUT when the time I'm OK ady then oni they wanna close down , ass man !

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tara sucks la

so boring la....although its funny , Marc and Rovilson , they pretend they can't find the pit-stop and then , Sophie & Aurelia , dunno how to pump petrol , so cute la ! Pam and Van , they are not being funny but the way they talk are so funny , everytime , mybro , my mum and me , wadever they say , we will laugh coz the way they talk is exactly how we talk ! its like , ' ok , try agaiN ! Dun be angry with me ! ' I noe its not funny , to me yes and the part in the mud , lol....Pam ar....when she is scared , her voice oso change , and SO CUTE ! though they were angry with Henry and Terri , coz of the paip and kesian pam oso , her hands are not long enough , haha !

just cam back from SR .
ok.. bro n me went to 7-E and bought some snacks for tonight's TARA and for another movie , I paid i gave RM 50.30 , the price was ,RM 11.30 , so they should give me back , RM 39 ryte ? but they gave me back RM 59 ! was like that , they dun have small change then they took the money from the cupboard , then that girl was holding RM 29 , that guy din noe , so he gave her RM 30 , so plus together is RM 59 ryte ? The reason they din check is becoz the the RM 9 , they din give me a RM 5 note and 4 RM 1 notes , they gave me 9 RM 1 notes , so they were telling me , satu , dua , tiga , empat , lima , enam , tujuh , lapang , sembilan ! so , ok lo....i took the money and simply campak in my purse , i dun check wan when i get into the car then oni i check , so when i reach the car , put the stuff and the back seat and off to SR , on the way , I check my money , I was like...' oh my god.......59 BUCKS ! ' then my bro was like ' wah...they gave u 10 bucks extra !' then i was like ' walaowei ! yeah man!!!' then i was thinking and thinking then i told me bro , ' eh ,do u noe how much actually they should give me a not ..? '
my bro said ' 49 buc..............*all those chinese bad words * , i said ' I NOE !!! they should give me 39 bucks !!!!! they gave me 20 extra !!!! ' my bro replied ' 10 bucks mine ' I replied ' what the shit ..?' my bro ' yeah la ! ' i din say anything . then he said ' F*ck man......what a day ! wah...later got free cakes mann !!' i reply , ' yeap!! tks to 7-E !'

ok.....i noe i shud give back the money but when i check that time it was so so so far ady.......from Kosas's 7-E , then fly to SR Avenue . So , din give back lor.......anyways , thanks 7-E for tips and cakes !!!
Listen to that song !! that hindi song !! in my blog that wann !! very nice wan !! dun care la if u r bollywood fan ke...bukan ke....juz listennn....the starting part kinda weird but then after the starting , its nice... !! LISTENN!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


yesterday i went bintang to buy some stuff and then need to buy presents for my cousin's dinner ,cheryl , BESIDE pool !! this saturday!! yay !!! so long din swimmmm.........! we have this exchanging presents host by my cousin too . SADLY , My 2 cousins , Karen & Nirel , they maybe coming maybe not coz floods at Johor ma....then Shareen , haih....Class Party at Perak , Belvinder , Sem Break over for her liaoo....then Kulvinder , she's in Bangkok for the Rotract thingy la . haih......from 37 adults 8 kids , become 34 adults 8 kids , I was telling my mum , y 8 kids oni ? shareen , me ? karen ? then my mum was like , u adult la !!! i was like...huh ..? oh yeah ! that day i went another dinner oso family dinner , my cousins had something the kids got KFC and me officially not a kid in that family adyyy....haih.....but NVM , PD trip !!! 30th dec - 1 jan ! yay!!
ok back to the topic , so i went shopping....i go shopp...then i saw this guy , i was thinking , i think i noe him...take a close look , yeap ! i noe him....and he look so handsome !!! my gosh...he use to be so girly......but now more macho abit , he's hair is not like durian head type.....nice.....! wanted to say hi but nahhh....for whut ? then pay the stuff adi , then we keep our stuff first in the car then we went back in , then i saw this another guy , boi ! how could i forget him man...he hair like SHIT , durian head , worst than my bro's and then he's ear .....the earrings , wear long long earrings , aaiyeeeee......yucks ! he reli looks like a gangster , i gotta admit man....last time i like him and shit , i dun even noe y i like him man...wat a bully la him , in the bus....haihzzzz..........

Next Week , PENANG here i come !!!!!!!

Sha , Bel , Kul , Kev & Rach ! meet u guys there !!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

a quick post !

okok !!! guys guys guyssss !!!!!!

The 6th movie of Harry Potter is coming out on November 2008 !!! I noe it sound impossible but I think is possible coz....

The 1st came out on 22nd november 2001
The 2nd wan cam out on 14th november 2002
then they rest for a year ......
2004 June 3rd , they came out the 3rd movie
then , 2005 November 17th , 4th movie was out...
then they rest a yearrrr..........
2007 July 11th , 5th movie ...thenn
2008 November 21st*or either 20th* , 6th movieee.....
and I THINK they will rest a year and then will come out the final movie OR maybe they will rest for 2 or 3 years that will make us wait for a LONG LONG time then oni come out ...omg !!! I can't waiittt !!!!
tell me about it , DAniel is so bloody cute ! I wanna hug him !!!!!!!!!

Harry potter 1 - Chris Columbus ( he ROCKSSSS ! )
Harry Potter 2 - Chris Columbus ( same director , as i said , he ROCKS )
Harry Potter 3 - Alfonso Cuaron ( he SUCK ! )
Harry Potter 4 - Mike Newell ( He SO SO SO ROCKSSSS ! )
Harry Potter 5 - David Yates ( haih...ok la , not reli good but better than the 3rd wan )
Harry Potter 6 - David Yates ( plss......oh better than 5th wan pls...!!!!!)

and once again , I'm very sure that its coming out on the Nov 2008 , VERY VERY SURE , coz this movie , when it release , it will be a world premier , as for movies like , Hairspray , PS , I love you , those movies are not world premier , US will release first then only will release another country . Thats All For Now !

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Yesterday I went to my cousin's house for dinner . and i saw their kids whiz is my nieces and nephews but then i call them my second cousins , they dun call me auntie , they call me jo-ann . this is my mum's side . my fathers side , i met my second cousin too , she's 12 this year going on 13 next year , so i was like , ohh....1 year difference but then she call me auntie , i was wat...? she said , auntie ... can u pour a cup of orange juice pls ? after pouring for her , i was like , ok.....that was weird , they show too much respect . As for my mum's side , haiyo...the Tara Singh family man....
c'mon ! the mulut cannot tutup wan , every member so noisyyyyyy !! haiyo....including me oso said that me and my cousin , shareen is the wan who LOOK shy but the la..... coz we have ntg to talk at first and we dun dare to raise our voice later say something wrong but among all my friends , i'm the wan hu talks a lot when i say a lot means LOADzzzz and also among all my uncles and aunties , my mum is the shortest and my mum is still taller than me , the Tara Singh family , I counted short la T.T . ok back to the topic , after the dinner , my 2 cousins , they followed me home coz they are too noisy and their parents have lots of work to do , man...those 2 kids have the Tara Singh blood man ....... so i slept with the girl and the boy slept with my bro , i tell u ....that boy.....he is so sensitive man....we off the aircond , he'll be like , HEY ! hu off the aircond ?!?!?!? and that girl , she kick here and there , din had a goodnight sleep .

ok then this morning , i had tuition , they followed me to there , they were like ' jo-ann !! dun run away from homee!!! ' i was like ' no no no ! i'm going to my teacher's house , ok ? i'm going to learn Chinese today ...' then they were like , ' chinese ?? oh....thats very hard...ok...u can go...but remember to COME BACK !!!!!! ' i said , okok... i will !'
tuition time , english , boring . maths funny .

sir gave a piece of paper which is full with questions ( depan belakang )

scene 1
sir : go back , do all the fractions and decimals .
me: ah...good ! not the whole paper
*after 20 seconds *
me and amanda : eh ? sir ! that means to the whole paper ?
sir : yeah .
amanda : just say 2 words , whole paper
sir : If i say the whole paper then u all will be , hu ha hu ha
amanda : still the same !!
sir : tell me , wat's so important on ur holidays ? jo-ann , tell me
me : well , we got english course , memory classes
amanda : and then do u noe how hard isit to take our asses to sit on the couch and watch tv
me : yeah la ! got appointment with the tv too !!! have to set alarm somemore ! see ? so much stuff to do !!!
sir : *grinning*

hahaha .

will blog more on the next post about my cousins and upload some pics

Friday, December 7, 2007

stupid astro !

today was a raining day , whiz is good coz for the past week , its been a really FREAKING hot day . poof ! get in the car , start sweating adi . but 2day , WHOLE DAY raining . until cannot watch astro , i missed tara . and I noe Marc and Rovilson got 1st again in this leg , sure wan de la ! rite guys ?
haih....disapointed astro...UUURRRGGHH ! damn it la !! yeeee !! hope 2moro no prob , coz 2moro they'll be having repeat at 12 noon . I've GOT to watch it , and u noe whut ? i heard gossip la , pamela like marc , lol....but they are a matching couple though . now its 4 am , yeap ! I'm still awake , I'm not tired , surprisingly and i have to wake up 7 am . well , guess i got to sleep but can't . wat to do leh ? astro cannot watch oso .....haih........oh yeah , midnight adi ar.....7th december .
u're 20 !!!!
no more teenager liao lo......
coz u're twen-TY
if u're nine-TEEN or eight-TEEN , then u're still a teenager but now its TY , so u're an adult . sad... :(
and o yeah , she's a good sleeper , u let her sleep , she can sleep until 8pm mann...u slap her , she wont wake up , u must throw water at her baru boleh..................
The Pavilion

it was GREAT ! I love that place ! i love it ! i love it ! i love the stairs , so a celebrity mann..... watch the the golden compass , the que was short !! surprisingly it was so short , when i watched the movie , it wasn't that much people , I was thinking ' today is the premeir , how come so little ' but then i din bother ady la . then i went and take the shopping directory and bloody hell , its so big , like a malaysian map man . well , normal la , i always get lost in a new shopping complex , so can't find the cinema , the map oso dunno how to read , the numbers 1.65......i oso dunno how to read la ! will blog more later , now is 1.37 am and I'm having Mc D now . so chow ! Mc Delivery , 1300-13-1300 * i think its correct *

Thursday, December 6, 2007

today I had fun while i went to the memory class , coz today i woke early , around 7 am and then had a bath , so fresh lo . then waited my teacher to come and send me there . then today was about ' girls are more active than boys ' I support ! mamang betul la ! u see ar , girls like to fight and stuff . LAST time , girls are always polite , guys are the harimau but this time the girls are the harimau . but i pity last time those girls la , kena beat by their husbands , useless husbands .
and then teacher ask us , after u graduate , what are you going to do ?

we spoke in chinese , now translating

Me : ?and work ?
my friend : yeah ! when u date ar ..., find a rich lou gong !
*all of us start laughing *
teacher : what if u dun like him ?
my friend : aiya , i love his money maaaa....
teacher : then if u marry him , u better dun complain so much , after no money la .
* start laughing again *

then teacher ask ,so ur life , got kesusahan ?
my friend : gottt !! MONEY ar ! no money ar......!!!
teacher : whole day money , money oni.
hahahahha !
jiejie1 : teacher , u noe ar...some guys ar.....they pretend to be rich
all of us : huh..?
jiejie 1 : got...some guys they take u to starbucks ar , they belanja la but then they wont eat , they will let the girl eat oni....
me : yea lo ! tv shows !
jiejie1:I would prefer if him taking me to mamak and we eat together
me : agree .
my friend : no class wan de !
teacher : haiyooo....
me : some leh.....they take u out , then they will be saying , ' eh ! u eat so much ! u pay more ! '
teacher : yeala , those kedekut wan .
teacher : see ? money is so important to everybody .
my friend : so......marry to a rich lou gong !
all of us : *sighing.....*

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

guys , my blog song , is Enchanted - Happy Working song . u noe at the bridge there , the lyircs are strange a place to be...
Till Edward Comes for me...
my heart is sighing....
still , as long as i am here ,
i guess a new experience could be worth trying ...

well , mine is ... strange a place to be....
till DANIEL comes for me...
my heart is sighing...
still , as long as i am here ,
i guess he will come for me sooner or later
hey ! dun give UP !

haha ! juz bored...waiting for my cousins
yay ! my cousins coming today ! shareen and belvinder ! shareen juz finish her spm , she can can 11 1A wan de la , her trial got 7 1A and 2 2A and 2 3B . no prob wan de la ! * she hates people talk about her like that , haha ! i remember her PMR results , the day before the results came out , i was telling her , 7 As wan de la ! dun nid to worry , and then she got so pissed until it made me shaddup , she dun like people talking like that* shareen is going for brats camp 2moro , whiz its going be held at Kuantan , they have to meet at the Star office , thats y she came to my house and Bel , she's teman-ing her to KL . I guess Bel , my bro and me will be going to Pavillion on Thursday . omg ! i can't wait ! nvr been there ! . A lot places i nvr been to , 1 Utama , Time Square ( got la , once , when i met brenda song , after meeting her then chow adi , so din reli shop at there ) , Sunway Pyramid , Sunway Carnival and Queensbay mall . anyways , i can't wait for their arrival !

Monday, December 3, 2007

today !! is my first day of my holiday that i woke up LATE ! usually i have to wake up at 8am EVERYDAY ! coz i got my art and craft classes and my tuitions , I remembered Monday - Fridays , got handicraft class at 9.30 am , so have to wake up at 8 am . then Saturdays , got art class at 9.30am , so have to wake up at 8 lorr..then sunday got tuition at 9.30 am , so have to wake up 8 lorr . and today no handicraft , well go la , but i dun wan adi , so expensive for the class . yay ! i woke up at 11 am !!! long i din wake up this happy !! lol...but tomoro i got my memory class , its at 9 am , 8 days , started la....2moro until friday , wake up early , weekends , art class & tuitions . haih.........i have ntg to blog now..bye bye !

Sunday, December 2, 2007

OMG ! oh no!! ok guys , this is the amazing race asia seoson 2 episode 3 promo .
its so................. , its all about about crying ,rejections , ACCIDENT , POLICES ! it NOW guyssss

Click HERE

watch adi..? omgoshh , Allan looks so seriouss in that video...

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Say-whut.....? says:
merdeka !

Say-whut.....? says:
merdeka !

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
woo ho!!!!

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
been waiting for this day

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
cnt beleive tht it's over

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
i was awtching tv

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
and i was like WOW!! i get to watch TV!!!!

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:

Say-whut.....? says:
time flies very fast !

Say-whut.....? says:
haha !

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
that crazy

Say-whut.....? says:
hm...can't wait for penang !

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
yup i am packed!!!!

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
going to pahang

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
down back

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
then going perak

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
then going penang

Say-whut.....? says:

Say-whut.....? says:
and brats too

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
trhen maybr singapore with kul

Say-whut.....? says:
cool !

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
then shud be our family gathering in pd

Say-whut.....? says:
wahhh , singaporeee

Say-whut.....? says:
i saw some pics of MBO at malacca and its nice
Say-whut.....? says:
it looks so nice that place

Say-whut.....? says:
nicer than klang and ampang

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
maybe pic they make it lok classy la

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
the place is very basic la..simple

Say-whut.....? says:
ur sis and I watch enchanted yday , and its a nice movie ! u shud watch it ! but then i dun think boys will enjoy it

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
i watched today with bel!!

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
i thikn its sooooo nice!!!

Say-whut.....? says:
nice rite ???

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
i enjoyed the movie lots!

Say-whut.....? says:
yeah !!!

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:

Say-whut.....? says:
high five !

Say-whut.....? says:

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:

Say-whut.....? says:

Say-whut.....? says:
have u watched stardust ?

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
bel did though

Say-whut.....? says:
oooh , i think its a nice movie

Say-whut.....? says:
dunno , not yet watch

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
bel thought it was not bad la

Say-whut.....? says:
ook , hey , so next month is a busy vacation month huh ?

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
the whole of dec

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
and's so empy

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:

Say-whut.....? says:
Are u going 2 work ?

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
i think i will la

Say-whut.....? says:
ic ic

Say-whut.....? says:
hmm , wow

Say-whut.....? says:
u're going to college adi

Say-whut.....? says:
haih....another wan we are going to miss , u and kevin

Say-whut.....? says:
then its karen

Say-whut.....? says:
hmm.....remember when we were young ?

Say-whut.....? says:
played lots of games

Say-whut.....? says:
hide and seek , hantu - hantu , blindman , chasing - chasing

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
those days were soooo fun!!

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
i enojyed it so much

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
we dont play them any more

Beige + ribbon = shoes says:
but it was so fun

Say-whut.....? says:

Say-whut.....? says:
but nvm , we still have activities

Say-whut.....? says:
everytime our family gathering

Say-whut.....? says:
everytime sure got a task for us to do

Beige + ribbon = shoes says: