Friday, November 30, 2007


I watch this great movie last night at MBO . its a cute and funny , as for boys , they wont enjoy it . nuh-uh , not for them . and i can't believe that i din finish my popcorn and my drink , my drink not even half oso , i drank so little . i can't believe it , there's alot of popcorn left , gosh..... usually the movie premier for half an hour , my food and drink will be gone but this time no , i can't believe it by myself . Its a great movie . holidays are fun ! not boring , ermmmm is my last day of handicraft , ow.....T.T and 2moro I'm having tuition , poof ! time flies so fast ! 2moro is DECEMBER !!! and yay to my cousin , she finally finish her SPM today !! yay !!

my december plan

Genting - not sure wat dates
Penang - Dec 20th - 22nd
PD - Dec 20th - 1st Jan 08 .

hm....can't WAITTT !! i just feel so happy !!!!! I'm going !! OUT ! with ! my !!!!!!! COUSINS !!!!!!!!! yay !!
and now I'm so in love with GTA Vice City , this game . quite old adi , since I was std 4 or 5 i had this game , I love that game then i stopped playing and now I'm playing again !

Ok I wan to play my game now people ! bye !

Sunday, November 25, 2007

o yeah ! I think I met Vanessa Chong before and Vincent Chong too and their brother too ! dunno wat's their brother's name ________ Chong . I remember Vanessa , she is so skinny ! but now she put on a little weight but she is still slim and her 2 brothers , Vincent , had his autograph and their little brother , he is handsome too ya noe ! I met them at Spectrum Shopping Mall .
anyway , i gtg ! dinner time ! bye !

yesterday , my bro , my mum and me watch 'The Kingdom' at MBO , 10 PM . I noee....its a 18SG movie but then think that i'm 18 so i got through....yay !! though i was kinda nervous , my mum was telling me to act natural so that they wont suspect . but when i got into the cinema , i saw a 10 year old kid in there . TEN ! TEN?!??!?!?!?!??!/!/ my gosh , i should have tie two pony tail and go there , ntg will happen rite ? TEN?TEN??!?!??!/ after the movies , i can see all those small kids was half dead , lol . the movie , its ok la.....i was kinda tired though , coz it was a little bit boring . its something like Mr and Mrs Smith but dun have sexual scence la ! *thank god!*

anyways , i gtg . going bowling now . BYE-BYE !

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Congratulations Pamela and Vanessa ! you are the FIRST team to arrive .

Pamela & Vanessa = *shouting* omg !!!!

I think they said that

yay !!!!!!! good job guyzzz ! u guyz at first was at 1st place , then 2nd place and then 4th place but at the end u guyz at the first ! the last team was Monica & Edvin ( i think thats their name ) , they were not elimited but under 1 condition , that is ,
and the next race , they have to be the first wan to arrive or else they will be penalty for 30 minutes whiz will take them to the last place but i got a feeling they will get the 1st place the next race coz EVERYTIME i watch the amazing race, they for sure will get through wadever task they shud be doing . hmm....anyways , i gtg guyz ! nite peeps !

my new blog

Deleted my blog then I decided to have back . so this is my new blog !

7 minutes till the Amazing race Asia start . I'm supporting Pamela and Vanessa Chong .
hmm...can't waitt !!

went Klcc with my bro juz now , wanted to watch movie but then tickets sold out !!!!!! arggghhh !! call for online booking yday but they say cannot , then today morning i called , still cannot . Sh*t that TGV Cinema ! I bought a purse ! yay ! finally ! then ate the Mcflurry Conetto , ok la , not my fav though . and then we had Sushi ( Sushi Kinf ) at Ampang Point , me and my bro belanja my mom . gone again . i brought RM 60 , and when i came back , left Rm 2 . lets see , wat i spend.....

  • Purse - RM 26
  • Mcflurry conetto - RM 4.50-RM0.50=RM4 , my bro sponser RM 0.50 for me . * high the price *
  • Sushi - RM 25 ( all together was RM 5o.38 , so I pay 25 and my bro pay RM 25.38 )
  • Chocolate - RM 3
so , RM 60 - RM58 = RM 2

but I had a good time . gtg people ! amazing race asia is starting !